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In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

Yesterday, 01:03 AM

It is not just because it is an 8 bit highly compressed feed and plenty of other cameras with similar codecs have never shown the issues that the FS/NXCAM cameras have shown.  There appears to be something much more fundamental going on.  I'm always very interested in seeing if anyone gets around the issues and José's video is the best I've seen so far, but even the ProRes examples have not been completely free from problems.  


The issues tend to magnify when you WB underwater but if you are using lights, don't WB and don't colour correct in post then they tend to be masked.  I really would absolutely definitely like to be proved wrong over this one, so any testing you do in the wild would be great.  If you are heading down to the coast let me know and I'll even bring my doorstop along for a side by side comparison! :)


Cheers, Simon

That sounds like a good plan Simon, I've got something brewing for a couple of weeks time, some other equipment to test, I'll let you know.


When are the cuttlefish due at Babbacombe?

In Topic: Subal S7Q Housing for the Odyssey 7Q

Yesterday, 01:01 AM


Ninja4k - thats what we need!! Same form factor as the Ninja2 (saves buying another housing!), the same screen tech (so the rubber buttons work) but 4k, and a nicer screen.


I'm torn now with the GH4....! do I go 10bit 1080 422 to the Ninja2, or do I forgo the 10bit and get 4k 8bit 420 to the SD..... so yeah Atomos - get a hurry up on a 4k Ninja!!  :bye:

:) We can hope, although I'm sure the demand for a 4" EVF recorder for all of these 4k recording devices is going to go be quite encouraging to the manufacturers!!


As for you, I'd still say get the Ninja 2. First and foremost, the monitor is almost 50% bigger than on board. I'm not too convinced about the colour reproduction but for framing and focus it makes life a lot more comfortable. I'd also say that 10 bit HD may sometimes be a better option than 4k 8 bit... what you give away in res you gain back in scope of data.

In Topic: Subal S7Q Housing for the Odyssey 7Q

Yesterday, 12:02 AM

Its a monster! Crieky!


I appreciate that the 7Q 'will' work with other 4K/1080 cameras, which is great - but I think strapping one of these to a Nauticam housing will be a odd looking contraption!


Looking forward to seeing it Stuart - can't believe you won't be getting one ;)

Yep, it's big. Not sure that any offering for the Shogun would be that much smaller, they both starting with big units, and you need a bit of space to get the connectors in etc... so both are going to look a bit oversized when paired with the GH4 or A7S (but then you do get a glorious 7" monitor to look at....)


What we really need is for someone to come up with a 4 inch monitor 4k solution ;)


But in the mean time, it's taken pole position on our wish list... soon as I get my sweaty paws on one, I'll fire up a review...


I'll try and get some more info from Subal on specs, functionality, dimensions etc

In Topic: Subal S7Q Housing for the Odyssey 7Q

15 April 2014 - 11:03 PM

Someone heard you Stuart!!! Nice
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In Topic: Red Sea with Amphibico Genesis FS700

15 April 2014 - 11:00 PM

There is actually quite a bit of FS700 uw footage out there and basically it is showing more or less the same issues as the FS100. Although not identical they are very, very similar cameras. In fact and the whole NXCAM range appears to be affected.
The issues do not show up for something like pool work, it us when you start to push the settings past the norm that the problems start, especially when you start to colour correct. Jose's video has given me some hope that external recorders could solve at least some of the problems, although I can still see most of the issues present to a lesser degree. I'd certainly love to get hold of those ProRes files for a closer look!
They are wonderful wonderful topside cameras. Such a shame, but I'm still holding out hope that my housing is more useful than a doorstop!!

If you mean fixing in post, then I'm not surprised, and wouldn't expect anything else from a highly compressed 8 bit feed.

If you're referring to in camera adjustment using picture profile, then an issue I've yet to have to face.... and hopefully never will.

Just stumbled across this offering from Subal this morning, http://www.subal.com...nitors/S7Q.aspx, so 4k and 2k raw without being tethered to topside are now within reach.