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D800 Video Report--FCP Color Correction: Yes; Filter: No

16 December 2012 - 02:53 PM

I just came back from a dive trip to Cozumel and tried my new D800's video capabilities.

I'm happy to report that, with color correction in FCP, the D800 does a great job without a red filter or lights.

I didn't have much chance to experiment with this--too many other new things to try--but here's a quick preview.

This is an uncorrected frame shooting without lights, auto white balance and programed exposure and shutter speed in about 40 feet of water (sunny day topside):

Attached File  Before correction.png   396.86KB   192 downloads

I did a quick and dirty color correction using the three way color correction tool in FCP. Not surprisingly, the corrections added red:

Attached File  3-way color correction.png   123.07KB   191 downloads

The final looks great to me:

Attached File  After correction.png   421.6KB   222 downloads

I also tested use of the Magic Filter for a few dives. I did not get better resuls, and worse, I had to do a lot of color correction on my stills to make them usable.

Diving with Both Strobes and Video Lights?

29 October 2012 - 11:44 AM

Question for the DSLR crowd with cameras that do macro stills and video: Does anyone dive with four lights--one set of strobes for stills and one set of video lights for macro?

Some reading on other posts suggests that video lights are not really ideal for stills (at least my two Sola 1200s probably aren't), and except in really shallow water, macro video probably benefits from lights.

It seems theoretically possible to add a triple clamp to the end of my ULCS arms and piggy back the relatively light Solas next to my Sea & Sea strobes.

Too much equipment? Too much hassle?

For Sale: Light & Motion Sunray Mini Elite Lights

28 October 2012 - 02:25 PM

I am offering a complete Light & Motion Sunray Mini Elite Light System, for use with Light & Motion underwater video housings. I have upgraded to newer lights, but these work extremely well. Take this off my hands for $350 or best offer. (Retail cost new is $1,799.)

They are used but in excellent condition, except the batteries which need replacement. Purchase includes the following:
  • Two 20W halogen heads and cords compatible with Light & Motion housings
  • Two Loc-Line flexible light arms with Light & Motion handle mounts
  • Two battery pods and pod locker (plus one extra) and wrench
  • Two nearly exhausted batteries—new ones are $150 apiece)
  • Four extra O rings for pods
  • Extra 20W halogen bulb
  • 110-220 volt smart charger and electrical cord
Attached File  Lights3w.jpg   169.59KB   191 downloads

They cast a very even light. Lights each have three intensity levels (estimated 240 to 600 lumens each) that are controllable from the L & M housing handle. Here is front view of lights mounted on a Light & Motion Bluefin housing. [Housing and handles not included.]:

Attached File  Lights1w.jpg   106.1KB   197 downloads

. . . and a rear view:

Attached File  Lights2w.jpg   111.74KB   197 downloads

PM me or email me at rascolpa at cinci dot rr dot com with offers or questions.

For Sale: Light & Motion Compact Monitor

28 October 2012 - 02:08 PM

I am selling my Light & Motion 2.5” active matrix compact monitor. My offer includes the following items:
  • 2.5-inch active matrix compact monitor
  • Monitor charger
  • Mounting bracket between housing and monitor
  • Connecting cable between monitor and bulkhead
  • Housing bulkhead
  • Tray connector
  • Monitor shade
Attached File  Monitor-Back.jpg   103.07KB   228 downloads

This Light & Motion Compact Monitor is for all Bluefin housings. The monitor has a large 2.5" color active matrix LCD display that makes framing, focus and other settings easy to see even in bright sunlight. Monitor allows you to instantly see the results when you change white balance, exposure, ND filter, shutter speed, turn on lights, or use your flip down filter; Camcorder functions are displayed on monitor.

Constructed with "bulletproof" aluminum material and stainless steel positive locking safety latches. Just attach the mount bracket, plug in the connections between the monitor and housing bulkhead and get ready to shoot.
The monitor is powered by the integrated NiMh battery pack that gives you 6-8 hours to capture your underwater video.

Ease of use
  • Effortlessly mounts to top of housing
  • Data screen shows viewfinder info on monitor
  • Quick connector mount
  • 2.5 inch active matrix screen for superb resolution
  • 480(w) X 234(h) pixels
  • Lens shade for high glare situations
  • Factory sealed unit for easier handling and protection of monitor
  • Monitors plugs into Bluefin rear plate bulkhead
Here is a demonstration of the value and clarity of the LCD display in actual operation. Camera information is displayed on the screen. [Housing for illustration purposes only; not included in offer.]

Attached File  Monitor-1w.jpg   126.78KB   190 downloads

Here is a closeup of the viewer and camera data displayed.

Attached File  Monitor-CUw.jpg   142.74KB   184 downloads

Retail price new was $1,399.

I will sell for $500 or best offer. I'll cover shipping to U.S. locations. PM me or email me at rascolpa at cinci dot rr dot com with offers or questions.

Nikon D800 Video Suggestions Wanted

27 October 2012 - 05:57 AM

Now that I have my D800 and Aquatica housing, I've planned its maiden voyage for December.

Does anybody have any suggestions for getting good video results?

I've been reading many of the general DSLR comments, and there seem to be many opinions about lights/no lights, red filter/no red filter, manual vs. auto white balance, etc. I'll probably try as many variations as I can manage.

I'd especially appreciate hearing from those who have taken D800 video underwater.

I use the Nikon 17-35 zoom for wide and either the 60 or 120 macro for close up. I do have two Sola 1200s for my video rig, but I'll need handle adapters if I plan lights. I don't have a red filter (and I'll need two, one for the macros and one for the wide), so I'll need those if I go that route.

My hope is that the no-light solution will work well enough. I usually dive with strobes for still work.

Thanks for any help you can provide. This will be my first DSLR video experience.