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In Topic: Shark finning in Manta, Ecuador.....spread the word to stop this slaughter

21 November 2012 - 10:55 AM

Xariatay, sorry for the delay in answer you but I do not check the forum frecuently. I have been diving here from 2 years ago and never see sharks, if you want to see them you must go to Galapagos where you can find then in almost every dive.
The sharks that are finning in Manta were catched more than 100 miles away from shore. The real problem is that the catch of sharks using a 20 miles line full of hooks is prohibited by law.

The diving here is very nice, you can find a lot of parrot fish, groupers, snappers, blennies, gobys, octopus, etc, the visibility is not the best but you can have 30 feet frecuently. Most of my dives are in islote el Pelado and the Plata island.

Thanks Wossa and Autopsea for your concern. Stan you are right, what you say is true.

Let me know if some day you want to come dive here.