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Shark finning in Manta, Ecuador.....spread the word to stop this slaughter

25 September 2012 - 07:04 PM


I want to share with you guys a link of my flickr account, here you will find a set of pictures of shark finning in the city of Manta in Ecuador. The situation there is a really mess, the fishermen are finning around of 2000 sharks daily and the authorities say nothing because they see that finning as the product of an incidental fishing. The fishing of sharks for finning purposes are prohibited by law, just the incidental fishing is allowed.........but whom is so stupid to think that 2000 sharks daily is the product of an incidental fishing?......obviously the authorities that are corrupted by money.

I begun a chain of post in my facebook account with some successful responses, some friends are sharing the album with other friends in differents countries, here, a local newspaper will use my pictures in a news article, the dark side is that I have received some threats and messages telling me to stop publishing more pictures, they are also trying to involve me with politicians against me. I´m not afraid of this, I will keep posting and doing all the necessary to stop this slaughter.

Thanks for your support, and sorry for my english.

Juan Carlos Navarro (jc)