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In Topic: Getting more than 1:1 macro from 1:1 lenses

08 September 2008 - 02:31 PM

Oh... one more thing... Does anybody manufacture a ring macro flash for underwater? That would be a wonderful gadget!


In Topic: Getting more than 1:1 macro from 1:1 lenses

08 September 2008 - 02:28 PM

with a 50/60 the subject at 1:1 will be nearly on the front port, the 105/100 macros get a little more working distance, 4 or 5 inches.


Thank you for the feedback. A rather important point, as a matter of fact :-)... So yes, I will be looking at the Nikon 105mm micro w/VR. I saw somewhere else in this forum that the VR actually works quite well underwater.

As a footnote, let me add that we are switching to Nikon for the new gear. The D300 to be more specific. I contemplated the soon-to-come D90, but there will be no Ikelite housing for it for a while, whereas the housing for the D300 exists. The D300 has Live View and great ISO. The Live View was a must for me... I tried taking some close-ups with the Canon 20D underwater and framing anything through the viewfinder is a little too much of a challenge for me... I also prefer Nikon's lens line for macro photo. For general purpose photo, I went with Ken Rockwell's advice and got the 18-200mm VR lens. All in all, this is amazing equipment.



In Topic: Getting more than 1:1 macro from 1:1 lenses

03 September 2008 - 03:02 PM

Since I am a new member, I am not able to start a new topic... but this is close enough and the posters obviously have the knowledge.
My question has to do with macro-photography. It is rather general, but please bear with me. My wife is a marine biologist and conducts regular photo surveys of coral reefs. So far, we have been using a Canon 20D with the Ikelite housing and DS-200 strobe. The setup was adequate for her needs which -- essentially -- required taking pics of algae or corals at a distance of approximately 1 meter.
But our needs are evolving and we now require much more detail. I just got a 5D body and have been agonizing over the choice of an adequate lens for macro photo. In a nutshell, it seems that the Canon 100mm f2.5 Macro lens is the best fit. I am not crazy about the Canon 50mm Macro/Lifesize combo because it reportedly has a tendency to hunt at certain focal lengths.
The requirements are to be able to take pictures of algae or corals with the maximum detail possible (corals identification can require getting down to the corallite level). In your opinion, is the above combo adequate? I would prefer a 60mm Macro, but it only exists in the EF-S version. The 100mm is quite bulky, but the reviews generally report that this is a very good lens.
Reading this forum, I am starting to wonder if we would not be better off with a non-macro lens equipped with a doubler....
Any comments and pearls of wisdom or experience would be welcome :-)