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06 September 2008 - 02:32 AM

Thanks so much for the info i really appreciate it.

Hi Carlos,

Welcome to Wetpixel and to the wonderful world of underwater photography. Choosing a housing for your camera is somewhat like choosing a car. Budget is definitely a consideration. So is the handling and feel to you. Ikelite housings are somewhat like Ford and Chevy. They are basic and have what it takes to get you where you want to go and won't cost as much as other housings. Ikelite is known for top-notch customer service which is a definite plus. If you have a problem, Ikelite will generally make sure you're taken care of promptly and courteously. Aquatica is a step up in that it costs more, has a few more features, but does the same thing as an Ikelite housing, i.e. allows you to use your camera underwater. If your budget allows you to purchase an Aquatica housing, then I say go for it. Otherwise, an Ikelite housing will work fine. Since you live in South Florida, you should be able to find a store near you where you can hold one in your hands and see how it feels to you. That may be the deciding factor. I would recommend you head over to Reef Photo and Video in Ft. Lauderdale in particular and have a talk with them. They also may have a used housing in stock that would fit your camera.

Feel free to ask more questions as they come up. You've come to the right place.

All the best,


In Topic: Yet another White Balance question...

06 September 2008 - 01:13 AM

Auto white balance if using a strobe. If using natural lighting manual

I have been playing around in the pool with my Fuji F50fd camera and housing. I have gotten
the basic understanding of using the manual white balance. I also purchased an Inon Z240
strobe and have been able to get the s-ttl functions to work. I will be diving in Bonaire in a
couple of weeks. I was wondering, if I am using the strobe on s-ttl function, would it be better to set the camera to auto white balance, or still manually white balance ?
Thank you in advance for any help.