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In Topic: Weird Mantis Shrimp behaviour

08 August 2010 - 11:23 AM

Here's a link to the video: http://www.youtube.c...e=youtube_gdata

IIRC - with some confidence - the shrimp was already behaving weirdly as we arrived - i.e. no light causing it to start behaving weirdly. As you'll also see, it was covering quite some distance - including up in to the water-column.

Mark and Dana (who took the video)

In Topic: Weird Mantis Shrimp behaviour

05 August 2010 - 10:01 PM

FWIW, whilst I locate my wife's video of this, here's my images of the same event in Lembeh in 2008 - not significantly different to Robin's. I couldn't work out how to insert the images, so just links for now (sorry):


Thank you for settling this! Robin and I were still 'heatedly' discussing it in Lembeh last week - July 2010! I thought it was struggling to slough its shell, and Robin thought it was 'crazed' by a parasite. At least honour has been served - we were both wrong! :unsure:)