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Any Particular Regulator of Choice?

21 December 2008 - 09:33 PM

Toying with a hard decision a few weeks ago, I decided to take the cheapest path and purchased a used (2 dives only I'm told) Aquatica 30D housing for my camera. I was REALLY looking to upgrade dSLR bodies, but instead found it cheaper to get a nice (and the housing is indeed in mint shape) housing for my current body instead; thank you ebay. It seems that the PADI/SSI instructor that owned the housing is having a hard time making it in Florida with the way the economy is, and I can say that I feel his pain; A month and a half ago, my local dive shop closed up leaving me as a Divemaster with no job. To say the least, diving is a late night and weekend gig and my main job is what holds everything together. In saying that, I feel for everyone involved in this industry right now!

Anyhow, the lack of assisting with classes as a DM has freed up a lot of time for me to do things on my own. I knew I wanted to upgrade from a P&S for u/w usage to a dSLR, but that time frame got bumped up considerably when I ran across an Aquatica setup for a price that I couldn't refuse. In saying that, the 30D doesn't have a live view option (for those of you who don't know), and I'm now faced with the "bubbles in your face" concern for u/w shooting. Both my previous and now even my current dive shop are Aqualung suppliers, and I'm a big fan of the diaphragm first stage setups over the piston designs. The Kronos seems to be nice and it looks to have the distance-pushing side exhaust that I'm probably looking for. As a DM I'm pretty good with my air and know that bubbles tend to make things disappear at times, but with the viewfinder already limited by the mask and regular setup as it is, I'm thinking that it's not to my best advantage to use a 2nd stage that exhausts bubbles (possibly) right by my already limited view of the subject.

Maybe I'm trying to over analyze the thought, and maybe it's just me wanting to try something new out (or it could be both at this point). I was wondering if anyone out here in the photography world used a 2nd stage regulator like the Aqualung Kronos, and if so, how do you like it? I've spoken with a few that have it locally and they really like the regulator, but none of them are doing any kind of photography, let alone with an SLR. I realize this subject is more so gear related than photography, but all of the relevance behind it is photography minded. I'd simply like to have some input on your thoughts as to a good regulator and or a design to dive with while shooting. My housing came in the mail on Friday, and I probably won't have the chance to play in the water with the camera setup till about mid week at our City's indoor pool. With that being said, I don't really know what to expect and would like some input on the subject. Thanks!