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In Topic: 2 Ikelite D80 Housing for Sale

14 September 2009 - 08:49 AM

I have the camera so will you sell just housing? is it just the housing? no domes strobes ports anything else? please can you reply to my email as I need one ASAP

In Topic: Salt water crocodile attack at Blue Water Mangroves

29 April 2009 - 07:23 AM

Think most of us agree that it's not the salties fault.

Regarding the killing of animals attacking people on dive sites, it cant be blamed on the animals at all! I'm mostly referring to the morays in Cayman. I worked as u/w photographer on many of the boats there and you will be surprised by how the morays and stingrays are handled and fed.

For example the moray that lives right behind stingray city on the reef. When you visit this site you will find you don't need to look for the moray as the moray looks for you. Locals, boat crew and divers have been feeding these animals for years. As soon as this moray sees you diving down towards him he will swim out towards you looking for his meal of the day. Many times before I had to give the poor eel a bonk with the camera dome as I got the feeling that he is trying to attack me. But all he was trying to do is go for my fingers as they look like his favorite meal, the squid that every one feeds him.

On the other hand the guides on the different boats push the limits. Handling the eel with their hand, wrapping it around them and allow the brave customers to come forth and touch it. Just over 2 years ago one of these guides was doing just this, entertaining his customers when the eel "tried to attack a young girl". The green moray bit the guide on the wrist and in the motion of trying to pull the eel off its sharp teeth cut all the way down his arm. Long story short; Moray is dead, tour guide lost use of 2 fingers and can't do any heavy lifting with his arm.

Now you decide who was in the wrong and what should be done? We have two arguments here:

1. The guide was in the wrong because this is the eel's habitat and instinct.

2. Tourism in Cayman islands is a source of income for most of the locals. When something goes wrong like an eel come in between them and making money, the eel will come off second best as "we can not have dangerous animals scaring the tourists away''.

Is this not why the tourist is there?

I am sure you know which argument I support…

I guess this is different to our salty friend as he has not been fed, but still just acted on natural instinct. If you ask me the diver is in the wrong and therefore we can not kill this animal just because it acted like it is suppose to act.

On a serious note though I don't think that croc will try attack a diver again. Only a donkey will make the same mistake twice!