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#325366 Wreck diving is Sierra Leone Trailer

Posted by cardash on 30 January 2013 - 01:35 PM

How will the movie be distribuited?

Definitely online.

I will let you know,
Saluti! :)

#325334 Wreck diving is Sierra Leone Trailer

Posted by cardash on 30 January 2013 - 01:14 AM

Hi, I have a short clip to share with you.
Last november we went to Sierra Leone for a wreck diving expedition. The word expedition is often used as a fancy way of saying "trip" or "vacation" to impress your friends and momPosted Image I`m not sure if our trip was a proper expedition, but if not, it was very close to one!

We took with us: all scuba gear, including tanks, air commpressor, side sonar, gpses, metal detector etc.... two canon dslrs in aquatica housings, and one small camcorder in gates.

As the full movie is being made now, and it will take a while, I would like to show you a short trailer.

Hope You like it. If so, please feel free to use a Tip Jar on vimeo Posted Image

Link to Vimeo.


#318063 A snippet from a 10 day KOmodo liveaboard

Posted by cardash on 09 October 2012 - 06:15 AM

I think DSLR vdo has this funky pink rock less than camcorder Posted Image

Yep! :)

#317222 Video and a Stable Platform - Gyros or DPVs?

Posted by cardash on 26 September 2012 - 11:56 AM

It is interesting that you point out that your experience is not 100% positive eventhough you bought a scooter for stabilizing purposes. I have seen a number of fine cave/mine videos where the scooter travel has created a nice flow to things. What is the biggest problem shooting video on top of a scooter? Is it the drag which might pull the nose up? Do you need to compensate for this? Or the shake or roll?

Don`t get me wrong. What I mean is, that while going with the scooter video is nice, smooth, and looks great.
But when You stop and continue to shoot it is not that much easier. What You earn with stability You loose with the size of that big setup.

So I think of a scooter as of an underwater dolly Posted Image

I think that every scooter is powerful enough to cope with the drag of the camera without a problem.

I would also assume that the maneuvaribility of the camera angle suffers if the video camera is fixed to one position on top the DPV.

Not that much, You will get used to it very fast.

Do you still have the camera attached to a DPV? Or do you use your monopod for stability also whilst swimming?

I don`t use the monopod, yet. I`m not sure I will, I have to test it, just an idea so far.

I use the tiny "yellow diving" mount which is perfect for a small m43 system (maybe too small for larger systems)

Good product from Poland! Posted Image

#316791 Video and a Stable Platform - Gyros or DPVs?

Posted by cardash on 20 September 2012 - 05:58 AM

This is interesting stuff.

Your clip gets in my opinion 8/10 in being steady Posted Image I guess for most of the viewers it is more than enough, but it can always be better Posted Image

Will the scooter help You a lot? I m not sure. I bought a scooter just for that purpose Posted Image

And as with everything, some things are easier some not.

While on a scooter and going, the video is nice and stable, but it looks bad when you start and stop, so you can film stop, the resume etc. Since the housing with arms is bulky and the drag is big so the mount is not that 100% stable.

Plus, it is not that easy to move that stuff and I think keeping firm and steady is easier, but slowly moving, panning etc no.

So, good trim of the housng will do more than a scooter, a good trim of a scooter and of a housing will do even more Posted Image

Here are some old clips (shot 2y ago with sony hc5):


As I moved to dslr, my next idea is to use a monopod Posted Image Not a tripod, as it is to hard to take and deploy every time.

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