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In Topic: Socorro lens options

Yesterday, 10:09 AM

You can use the 10-17 + the TC and get a little more reach. I've found this to be a sharper solution than the Sigma 17-70 which is about the only other lens I like underwater. The 17-70 is fairly useful and has a good range including sort of a close-up mode. But I don't think it's got stellar sharpness.


I've shot all three of these solutions down there. Mid-range zooms tend to be slower lenses and don't shoot very well uw (poor corners, etc.). Socorros can be murky at times.


I think a larger dome does give other options, and you can shoot at more wide open apertures than in the mini-dome, so I would recommend looking into that. The 17-70 requires a large dome and a 50mm extension, so it tends to be a bit bulky for shooting in blue water. Shooting a 60 behind a dome is a decent sort of shark setup for more reach, fairly sharp and fast, no extension.


Here's a couple of examples shot there.


Sigma 17-70 D300:



Manta 3/4 Overhead by Optical Ocean, on Flickr



Manta Head shot by Optical Ocean, on Flickr

This was at 29mm, and could of been shot wider, but the Manta was moving quickly.


Tokina 10-17, 7" Dome, with D300 (same trip):


Manta Eye level by Optical Ocean, on Flickr



Friendly Dolphin by Optical Ocean, on Flickr


Hope that helps!




In Topic: Sea & Sea MDX-D600 - problems

24 April 2014 - 06:47 AM

Sometimes wiping the camera and rubbe wheels off with rubbing alchol to remove oils from your hands can help things gain more "sticktion". But we did just see a similar problem with a D600 out of box. It is covered by warranty and I would send it in, along with the camera, to be adjusted/repaired. Your dealer should be able to help you.

In Topic: Port available for the Olympus 12-40?

24 April 2014 - 06:41 AM

Yes, Nauticam has the #36129 7" dome and a gear available now. Aquatica will have a solution using their new 7" dome as well.


My take on that lens is that it's not the closest focusing lens and even with a larger dome the corners may be a bit soft. However for video it may find some fans, and it is fast. I'm looking forward to Oly's new 7-14mm lens sometime this summer.



In Topic: Sigma 15mm fisheye focus problem

19 March 2014 - 08:36 PM

I think you need the extension if you're not getting focus. Even with it you'll have corner issues with that small a port. But for video it should be ok, especially if you stop down.



In Topic: Mini Dome vs Larger (8") dome

17 March 2014 - 11:21 AM

I would also take into consideration that I showed you shots taken with a full-frame camera vs. a crop sensor on the mini-dome. Not sure what you are shooting.