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In Topic: D500 vs D850?

18 September 2017 - 02:51 PM


For example, the only Nikon rectilinear wide angle lens that works behind a (9") port with full frame cameras is the 16-35mm f/4.


Adam, I shoot the 17-35 f2.8 all the time on my D800. I think your statement is a bit misleading, as there are lots of good options as good as the 16-35, although it is popular. There are also some prime lenses too that don't seem to get much play, but are much smaller and easier to work with.


I'm struggling to justify upgrading to the D850 as the biggest issue I have with the D800 is frame rate, weight and size. I much prefer cropped cameras for macro and actually find that the E-M1 MKII is a winner in that realm, but falls apart in dynamic range.

In Topic: Olympus E-M1 with Olympus or Nauticam Housing?

01 September 2017 - 10:34 AM

The new Subal EM-1 MKII housing is very nice, small and has great controls and greatly improved latches. It's going to be a bit more expensive, but not all that bad as you are in Europe. I would put it on your shopping list for sure.


I have a review of the Nauticam and The Olympus housings. Both are good quality. I think the biggest drawback to the Oly Housing is that it cannot accept the 7-14mm PRO or 12-40 PRO lenses. And by the time you get a tray and other parts it is expensive for a polycarbonate housing.


My Reviews are in a couple of parts here:

Review: Olympus E-M1 MKII PT-EP14 Underwater Housing


Review: Nauticam NA-EM1 Underwater Housing MKII for Olympus O-MD E-M1 Mark II

In Topic: Thoughts: Sony A7R II from D810

01 September 2017 - 08:02 AM

I've used a D800 for years now and have also shot the A7II in a Sea & Sea housing with a flash trigger.


I think while the housing size is a bit smaller, it's not all that much difference in the water. You have to use a port adapter, extension and mid-sized DSLR sized ports on the a7II. So what are you really saving?


I mostly use a Zen 170mm dome on the D800 with a Sigma 15, or even a 17-35mm if I don't care too much about the corners (blue water). Those are pretty much the same sized ports on the a7II.


As far as using Canon lenses on the a7II, it gets pretty awkward and the AF is even slower... There is a new Zeiss Batis 18mm lens that shows good promise. But all of the Sony lenses are expensive, the Sigma 15mm FE is like $600.


I didn't have battery problems on the a7II, but I mostly shot stills. Video is more of a problem. I do like that I can basically shoot all day with the D800 on one battery.


The viewfinder is one area that I'd also give a huge benefit to the D800. An optical viewfinder is so much brighter and easier to use than an EVF. Yes, you give up focus peaking and some of the other more electronic features that are nice. But again those are more useful for video. And of course the better, faster AF on the D800. I found that the a7II sort of jumps a bit for macro, manual focus is pretty much necessary.


The a7II is lighter. And my older D800 Nauticam isn't the lightest for sure. But I'm sure that the new D850 housings will be lighter as they will be a few gens newer.


I've also tried the Oly E-M1 MKII and D500 for something smaller, but I keep coming back to the dynamic range and quality of the D800, although I think if I was shopping right now, I'd buy a D500, I continue to be impressed with it.


I've some articles on these comparisons on my blog:

Micro 4/3rds vs. APS-C & Full-frame Cameras: Mexican Shootout or Standoff?


Sony a7II and Sea & Sea MDX-A7II Housing System Review


In Topic: improved zoom ring for tokina 10-17mm (nikon mount) on Nauticam housing?

22 June 2017 - 08:54 PM

If it's not gripping the lens tightly, just add a few of the spare pieces of oring that come with the gear. That will tighten it on the gear slieve.

I used a piece of 1/2" Magic Scotch tape around the middle of the lens to secure the two halves together a bit. It fits pretty well.

In Topic: Nauticam D800 - wide-angle lenses and domes

15 June 2017 - 03:30 PM

The problem I have with the 16-35 is that it's an f/4. It just doesn't catch focus in darker water, at least for me. I primarily use it for blue water shots where I need a little more reach and not for CF/WA. So I don't care about the corners as much, or a slight crop works. For CF/WA, the Sigma 15FE rocks. Looking forward to the new Nikon 8-15FE for sure...