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In Topic: Broken Ikelite baseplate

28 June 2010 - 06:31 PM

Using a cardboard box for checked luggage was my "vehicle" for getting a new, but broken, LCD TV home to the states from our place on Bonaire. The airlines were happy to handle it BUT they said their "insurance" would not cover any damage to the contents, if the box was broken in transit.

(Happily, the LCD screen survived the trip, thanks to a sheet of light plywood on top of foam corner brackets/packing material. It looked good enough that the retailer took it back and issued a full refund.)


In Topic: Nikon 16-80 VR

27 June 2010 - 06:16 PM

i also have that lense, in a Subal housing, D300, and use a +4 diopter, but, to try to do "macro" @ 85mm do not focus as close as i need

that pics are done whit taht lense
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Thanks so much for the information. Not many people are familiar with the 16-85 lens. Did I notice correctly that you have Patima housing? Is that for your D80? What do you think about the Patima?


In Topic: Complete Professional Sea & Sea/Nikon D80 setup for Sale

18 June 2010 - 06:25 PM

I am selling a complete package for the Nikon D80. The rig has never been flooded and has been under great care since I purchased the setup.

Here is what is in the package:

Sea & Sea DX-D80 Housing
Sea & Sea NX Fisheye Dome Port
Sea & Sea NX Compact Dome Port
Sea & Sea SX Extension Ring
Sea & Sea NX Compact Macro Port Base
Sea & Sea Compact Macro Port
Sea & Sea Compact Wide Port L

Nikon D80 (with battery and charger)

Nikkor 105mm Macro Lens
Sea & Sea Focus Gear for 105mm

Nikkor 12-24mm Lens
Sea & Sea Zoom Gear for 12-24mm

Nikkor 18-35mm Lens
Sea & Sea Zoom Gear for 18-35mm

Quantaray QDC 900WA Surface Flash

Sea & Sea YS-90 Strobe #1
Sea & Sea YS-90 Strobe #2
Sea & Sea YS-90 Strobe #3

Sea & Sea Dual Strobe Connector Cable
2 Sea & Sea Flexi arms with extensions

Please write and ask questions if you have them.

I am selling the whole setup as a rig for $4250.


Are you willing to part with some of your system? I only need the housing, strobe arms, ports and port extensions. If so, t what price? Feel free to PM me.



In Topic: Ikelite Housing Maintenance

14 June 2010 - 04:06 AM

For used Ikelite housings, I would recommend a complete service by Ikelite. They will replace all the o-rings and pressure test afterwards for proper factory specs.

After that, it is your decision to follow Ikelite's recommendation for annual service by them or do it yourself. You can pressure test yourself by lowering the housing empty clipped to a weighted line off a boat before you install the camera. It all comes down to how handy you are with tools and understand working with lexan, or if it is just easier to spend the money for certified factory service.


Thanks to both. I am handy with tools and am a professed DYIer. I usually take the housing down without the camera on my first dive of a trip to check out its integrity. After flooding the first G9 on its first dive with a Canon housing, I learned that the bathtub/paper towel test is not valid for diving! (Experience = made THAT mistake before.)

I really appreciate your help.


In Topic: UW P&S vs. UW DSLR

09 May 2010 - 04:09 PM

I shoot a manual strobe because that is what came with my used G9 set-up. The Sea&Sea YS 110 will not synch TTL with the Ikelite housing, as I understand it. So, I have learned to use the strobe without TTL. (Would TTL make UW photography easier? Does it work well?)

And, I shoot in manual mode, as I learned to manipulate the shutter speed and aperture rather than shoot in aperture priority and use the EV adjustment if I need more or less light on the subject. (I tend to shoot manual topside, as well.)

Using the G9, I generally have not been zooming in on the subject, unless I was shooting in macro. Most of my shots are full body, not face shots, of sealife. What lens would you recommend? If I need to buy a lens and the associated port, I'd rather get something that will serve me well for the long term.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.