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10-24 dx + 8" Nauticam Dome, Diopter needed?

15 July 2011 - 08:50 AM

For optimal corner sharpness on 10-24 dx, anyone know if a diopter needed if using an 8" acrylic Nauticam Dome?

Heard somewhere that +2 was best with a glass dome but wondering if anyone have experience with specifically an 8" acrylic

calibration/profiles, D7000 Raws -> LR3

26 April 2011 - 02:26 AM

hi, a bit new to color profiles/camera calibration. I've been using LR for a while but with D70 nefs, now using D7000. Noticing that the LR interpretation of D7000 nefs can differ quite a bit more than before. (as compared to the incamera jpeg/preview). Before with D70 there was definitely a difference but not nearly as big, I think..

Tried selecting "camera neutral/camera vivid etc.." in LR camera profiles but never came close to the incamera jpeg, which on some shots looked a lot better.

1) any general recommendations for workflow/setup for raws out there? again I'm pretty noob when it comes to calibration/profiles...

2) also is it possible to fix photos already imported in lightroom? ie is there a way the camera profile function in LR3 works to be able to very closely approximate in camera D7000 jpeg? This way i can avoid resorting/cataloging/rating my last two d7000 trips etc...

i saw some similar earlier posts but didn't quite get a clear answer so apologies if its something obvious i'm missing here. Will definitely investigate more on my own but I figure with the appeal of D7000 perhaps some experienced users here have a concise suggestion?


07 March 2011 - 12:45 AM

hi all,

i've been using 2x z220S for sometime. not looking to move away from inon but do want new strobes for new d7000 rig, mainly for STTL with optical trigger.

if it was easy to just sell 220/buy 240s at a decent price I'd do that, but i'd imagine its not. Also, when I bought my 220s just before 240 released, and considering all the changes in DSLR world with video and etc, I'd like to see a new release of inon's top strobe before upgrading

moreover s2000 looks smaller and compact and pretty powerful, and since sTTL would mostly be for macro work anyhow, I'm looking to buy these instead as a stopgap and companion set of strobes.

Would any of you just get z240? budget is not a huge issue just I hate being inefficient about these things.

D7000 advice

13 December 2010 - 09:51 AM

Upgrading to a D7000 rig, looking to kit (ports, gears etc) everything out in one go, so looking for some advice

What I've got: 10.5vr, 10-17, 60d, 105vr, 105d, 1.4x Kenko tc, 2x z220s

1) Any suggestions for a mid range/shark lens? 10-24/12-24? 16-35/17-35? or any others? All things being equal, I'm considering the non DX lenses as I also shoot (sparingly) some full-frame topside, but if the DX lenses are clearly better underwater I will probably go with that.

2) regarding strobes, I am guessing my old z220s won't be able to do S-TTL via fiberoptic. I figure to still use manual flash settings on wideangle but would like to get S-TTL for macro. Since I already have Z220s, would a pair of S2000s complement my setup better than just upgrading to Z240? I'm also contemplating just waiting it out with my 220s - a bit concerned a new batch will come out that makes more sense for video somehow (not that I am into it yet but just in case). Any thoughts here?

3) I currently use sync cords on my old system but intend to switch to optical - is it worth bothering to get the connectors/bulkheads on my new housing if I mostly intend to use Inon (and thus optically triggerable) strobes going forward? I've had horrible experience with faulty sync cords in the past so have been looking forward to switching to optical, but wondering: will I miss having a hardwire at all?