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FS: Subal ND20 housing + Port + Nikon D200 camera

27 November 2016 - 01:58 AM

For sale – Subal ND20 Housing + Port + Nikon D200 camera body

Well cared for, 1 owner, never flooded, only few minor scratches at base of housing and insignificant repair to plastic knob.
  • Subal ND20 Housing (type 3 port mount)
  • FP-90 flat port and EXR-40 extension ring for 60mm/2.8D and 105mm/2.8D lenses
  • D200 camera with 2 batteries, one 16GB SanDisk Extreme CF card
  • Focus gears for 20mm/2.8D, 16mm/2.8D and 10.5mm/2.8G
  • Zoom gears for 12-24mm/4G and 17-35mm/2.8D
All very good condition. 
Price: Euro 500 OBO (or GBP, USD or HKD equivalent) + shipping from Hong Kong.

Please message me if you are interested.

air filled dome diffuser

20 November 2016 - 09:47 PM

I have just seen this air-filled diffuser advertised and cannot find any further information or reviews.





Does anyone have any experience with air-filled vs. normal dome diffusers? Are they better (and how so?) and worth the price? I guess they don't reduce the light output as much as regular diffusers.


Nikon 105VR with Subal FP75 with extension ring

14 July 2016 - 11:02 PM

I'm upgrading to the Nikon D500 with Subal housing. For various reasons I prefer to buy only one flat port (intention FP75) and a couple of extension rings to give me the flexibility to use both my old and eventually also new 60mm and 105mm lenses (without manual focus gears).


I'd like to check with any Subal users whether the Nikon 105VR fits inside the FP75 (using an extension ring)? I figure it should because 105VR has 83mm diameter while the ports and extension rings seem to have internal diameter of 84mm. That sounds tight.


Can anyone confirm that would be possible?


FS: Subtronic Alpha Pro Strobe

09 July 2016 - 10:30 PM

For Sale: Subtronic Alpha Pro Strobe


Asking Euro 450 OBO
Reluctantly selling this special piece of kit which is almost like new.
One owner since new, well cared for, climate-controlled storage, maximum 60 dives.
200W, GN16
108 degree angle
1.5 sec recycle time
4300K colour temp
10W pilot light
7 power settings
TTL mode (for Nikon F100 and similar cameras)
Nikonos-type 5 pin flash sync ports
See p.12 for technical data here http://www.subtronic...oads/manual.pdf
Includes charger, padded bag and Nikonos-type 5 pin flash sync cable
In Hong Kong but will try ship worldwide.
Message me if you're interested.

FS: Subal ND20 housing + Nikon D200 camera

09 July 2016 - 09:48 PM

For Sale: Subal ND20 Housing (Type 3 port mount) with Nikon D200 camera


Asking Euro 600 obo
One owner since new, well cared for, climate-controlled storage, maximum 50 dives, never flooded, only few minor scratches around the base of the housing. 
One plastic knob has cracked (for mode dial selector), but epoxy repair is practically invisible and this does not impact the mechanism.
Includes D200 camera with 2 batteries and one 16GB SanDisk Extreme CF card. Well cared for and in very good condition.
Does NOT include the GS180 viewfinder which I will replace with a brand new standard viewfinder before shipping to buyer.
Does not include any housing ports. If you really need a flat port for 60mm or 105mm lens, let me know and we might be able to discuss something.
In Hong Kong but will try ship worldwide.
Message me if you're interested.