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Okinawa info?

25 May 2015 - 11:53 AM

Hi Folks,


My wife and I are comtemplating a dive trip to Okinawa sometime this fall. We realize our timeframe coincides with typhoon season, but don't have a lot of choice over the timing at this point.


We are both very experienced divers and self-sufficient with respect to dive skills - in the water almost every weekend and take at least two major dive vacations a year. We both like to plod along nice and slow looking for interesting critters. I shoot with a 7D in an Aquatica housing, and split macro and wide about 50/50.


We've looked into flights - AC has a good route with, dare I say it, affordable fares. We intend to stay on the main island, unless there's a compelling reason to get on another flight.


So, I was wondering if anyone had any tips or recommendations as to dive ops. Since neither of us speaks Japanese, we've looked at Reef Encounters and Piranha Divers. The former seems a rough around the edges given the reviews - not that we need pampering, and the latter appears to cater mostly to folks learning to dive. In the interests of full-disclosure, I haven't contacted either as of yet.


Any info or suggestions would be appreciated!





Diving Catalina, a couple of questions

04 July 2014 - 11:44 AM

Hi Folks,


My wife and I are finally planning a dive trip to Catalina. It's been "on the books" for years! Anyway, we're booked in at the Seaport Village Inn for early September. We were just wondering about the ferry (Catalina Express) baggage restrictions as per their website. We'll have three "suitcases" between us, but also three "carry-on" bags as well. We're planning to take our own dive gear - minus tanks and weights, but the DSLR rig and its modest collection of ports (2) and lenses (3) along with a laptop, easily fills two carry-on size bags. Any comments on the difference between the posted restrictions and reality for a travelling diver/photographer, would be great.


Also, while we understand we won't have a vehicle to dive from while we're there, we were just wondering what the prevailing consensus was with respect to getting dive and photo gear from the hotel to the dive site and back. We've read about taxis, golf carts and hand carts. Just wondering what folks might recommend. 


Of course, any other insightful advice would be gratefully appreciated!