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In Topic: Nikon D-200 Housings

18 May 2006 - 06:58 PM

I did not take pictures (floor was too slippery from all that drooling) but if Berk hasn't left yet for his shark trip I'll see if he can forward or post some.

He gave a great comparitive presentation, as well as hands-on, look through viewfinder, heft the housing/camera combinations pass around. Actually they stayed up by him, we passed around the display table. He had some great graphics comparing the various attributes of various Nikon (D-100, D-70, D-200, D2X) and Canon cameras and the various housings. A good chart is worth 500 words, I always say...

Oh and he had the INON stobe for comparison to SEA&SEA and IKE size / battery comparisons. This was better than 1000 word picture, because the packing size of that strobe says it all.
Rich Todd