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In Topic: which macro lens for a d7100 in an aquatica housing

23 June 2014 - 03:47 AM

I just found this link comparing the Tokina 100mm, Nikon 105mm, and the Sigma 105mm..........




Regards Mark

In Topic: which macro lens for a d7100 in an aquatica housing

23 June 2014 - 03:43 AM

thx, but the tokina seems to have quite a lenght when focus is at the max.


can i just get some some extension rings and add them to the flatport of a housing?

does this work like i imagine?


Yes the Tokina 100mm has a much longer barrel length when fully extended, which is similar to the older Nikon 105mm AFD which I use to have.  When I had the Nikon 105mm AFD I just added extra extension ring to the AF Macro port.  I havnt heard much about people using the Tokina 100mm underwater and I do not have one myself but I think it might be something to look into as it gets great reviews and is priced a fraction of what the Nikon 105mm VR lens is. You would come close in buying the Nikon 60mm AFD and the Kenko 1.4x TC and the Tokina 100mm for the same price as a brand new Nikon 105mm VR..........


Regards Mark

In Topic: which macro lens for a d7100 in an aquatica housing

21 June 2014 - 03:54 PM

As other have stated it depends on where and what your shooting, but for a first macro lens the 60mm to me is the best starting point. There are two Nikkor 60mm the older AFD and the newer AFS.  I prefer the older AFD version because 1. its cheaper and 2. you can add a Teleconverter like the Kenko pro 300 1.4x. The downside is that the AFD is a fraction of a second slower to focus compared to the AFS but the AFS does not work with the Kenko TC in AF.


Adding the Kenko 1.4x TC to the Nikkor 60mm AFD turns it into a 85mm with a 1.4x image size which makes it a very versatile combo and is my favourite macro setup. To the point which I sold my 105mm due to lack of use.  The Kenko 1.4x TC is also reasonably cheap around the $160 and you can also use it on other lenses like with the Tokina 10-17mm for CFWA.


I would start off with the 60mm and Kenko first and master that before going for something like the 105mm.  But when you do look at a longer lens also have a look at the Tokina 100mm Macro as it gets  excellent reviews and its a fraction of the price of the Nikkor 105mm.


Hope this helps,


Regards Mark

In Topic: Best way to balance dome port?

08 June 2014 - 03:50 PM



Another question is how neutral is your setup on a whole? perfectly balanced setup helps alot.


Regards Mark

In Topic: Ikelite housings: fiber optical or electrical?

26 May 2014 - 03:33 PM

You will find that most Ikelite DSLR users also use Ikelite strobes with the sync cord connection which gives them TTL in Nikon cameras. I personally shot with Ikelite DS161 strobes hard wired with the Ikelite sync cord into my Aquatica housing. I prefer the sync cord connection as it gives me access to higher sync speeds, quicker burst speeds, and allows me to take more shots with the battery as my flash isnt used.  I always carry a couple of sync cords just incase but since Ikelite had re-enforced the ends of the sync cords I have not had one failure yet in several years and 1,000's of dives. 


Regards Mark