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Cooling Filters for Ikelite Strobes

12 July 2014 - 05:10 PM

I have been shooting with Ikelite DS125 and now DS161 strobes for a few years now. I currently shoot mostly WA and for which I like the warm temperature of the Ikelite strobes. Now I am starting to shoot some macro and I find the warmer temperature of the Ikelite too harsh for macro and everyshot requires post editing to remove the yellowish tint the Ikelite strobes add to ther image.


Now I know that people that own Inon Z240 and similar strobes add a warming filter (slight yellow tint filter) to them to decrease the temperature for WA work. So on the reverse side is there a suggested filter to add to the Ikelites to increase their temperature (e a slight blue tint) for macro? I know I can adjust temperature post edit but I prefer an easier option to reduce workload and to get the best image possible stright out of the camera.


Any ideas much appreciated.


Regards Mark