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Making a waterhousing

15 January 2009 - 11:03 PM

Hi guys,

I'm relatively new to the world of photography. Always been interested in it since I was a kid but after my first camera broke when I was in highschool I haven't had the money to splash out and spend on a decent camera.

I've finally bought myself a 40D which I love, and I'm getting ready to build a waterhousing for it (finally!!). I have a mates Dad who works with aluminium, and he said he has made a few housings for other surf photographers but I'm concerned about what he will be using for the lens to see through (the port?). I'm thinking he will be using some type of perspex? Does anybody know what the best material to use as I'd prefer to do it right the first time rather than have to replace it later due to problems with picture quality, water droplets ruining the shot etc..

The other question I had was in regards to lenses. Until I can save up more money I will be using my 17-85 kit lens, but eventually I would like to get a Tokina 10-17 for some funky fish-eye shots. I was guessing that I'd need a dome port for the fisheye? Is this correct?

I'm confident that I won't have any problems with the metal working side of things, he's been working as a welder for his whole life and has no worries in regards to making the body of the housing. I'm a little worried about the trigger but he assures me that will be fine. It's mainly the lens where I'm concerned even though he thinks we can do it without effecting the picture quality.

I know I'm doing it very cheap, but I'm a battler and can't afford to go out and spend thousands on gear. I've spent nearly everything I had on a house so I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for this little bit of pleasure :blush:

Thanks for any help guys, I'm sure that buying something from the bigger brands would be better but I'd have to save for another year to get that kind cash to play around with haha. At least this way I can hopefully start getting some photos, and with a bit of luck maybe I'll be able to sell a few to buy something even better down the track.. (yeah right!!)