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In Topic: FS: Complete Canon DSLR UW Package

28 October 2016 - 10:13 AM

Hello, do you still have the equipment for sale?


Yes, it's still available.



In Topic: FS: Complete Canon DSLR UW Package

22 August 2016 - 03:48 PM

Added - Canon EFS 60mm 1:2.8  Ultrasonic Macro Lens


In Topic: Canon 5DSR Ikelite DS161 strobes not firing

07 August 2016 - 06:43 PM

you can find information here on how to manually fire the strobes from the hot shoe connector. I would test that next. 
You do have the camera flash set to on right? 

Thanks! This helped me narrow it down even more. So now I'm pretty sure it's a camera setting. Jumping the ground to trigger on the hot shoe adapter triggered the strobes. It's gotta be a simple setting somewhere in the camera.

Anyone have any advice from a 5D or 5DS? I'm sure the settings aren't too far apart.

Thanks in advance!

In Topic: Canon 5DSR Ikelite DS161 strobes not firing

07 August 2016 - 06:18 PM

I have the Ikelite strobes and case for a Canon 40D. I've had 2 problems with the housing hotshoe connector .
1) Be sure the hot shoe connectors is inserted in the proper direction so all the contacts line up with the camera hotshoe. Mine has an arrow that points to the front of the camera.
2) When sliding the camera into the housing, be careful not to catch the connector wire on any of the knobs or controllers inside the housing. A slight mid-alignment of the connector may not fire the strobes.
Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Thanks for the feedback. I've actually tried to fire them outside of the housing with just the hot shoe connector attached while trouble shooting so I don't think it's a problem with bumping it off after inserting into the housing, although I did notice that this one is a much tighter fit than my previous model, so I'll keep an eye on that for sure.

As far as orientation of the hot shoe, it's labeled as well with an arrow and I double checked and the contacts line up right.

I'm kinda at a loss at this point. Disappointed for sure as this was a big purchase for this trip. I'm really hoping it's just a camera setting that I'm missing but I just can't fathom what it would be.

In Topic: FS: Complete Canon DSLR UW Package

30 July 2016 - 07:31 AM

Price drop.

$2000.00 for everything, includes shipping to United States.