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Different camcorder using SWP 44 gates port

11 November 2015 - 08:53 PM

I`m thinking in getting a Gates housing for the HVX 200 P2 Panasonic camcorder because I found a cheap one and I can still work in DVCPRO HD. I would like in a future to fit a different camcorder as DVCPRO HD will be outdated sometime. Could I still use the SWP 44 port if I could mount another camcorder in the position I could need to match the port requirements? It would be useless at all or could I find a "sweet spot" where I could still use some percentage, if not 100%, of the zoom? what depends?
I´m thinking in a newer Panasonic camcorder with similar zoom range that could share the HVX 200 body configuration
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