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Looking for advise on Newbie (but not so Newbie) kit.

27 August 2016 - 01:22 PM

Looking at getting back at UW photography, I initially did years ago with a Canon G5 and Ikelite housing but stopped as there was always 1 person in my group who was so good at UW photography that there was no point at hauling a camera around, unfortunately that person is no longer available, and am thinking of taking up the slack as I am always wide eyed in disbelief the amazing WA shots they took of wrecks & caves.



I am a complete newbie when it comes to cameras as it has been too long since I picked one up and shot anything, I really have no interest in topside photography. Basically, all I know is there are compact systems (point, wait & shoot), DSLR's (has view finder) and mirrorless (no viewfinder)....that's about it.



I still have a few buddies that shoot UW, but they are 99% macro and are relatively clueless on UW WA photography, all they can say go with a Nauticam housing.


So to make a long story short, I am looking for a decent setup that I can start off with and if I end up enjoying the art again, that I can upgrade if needed (basically good strobes + possibly a slave).


Since I only do wrecks & caves, unit most be good to 100M and tailored to WA photograhy. If a dome port is needed I prefer glass over acrylic due to where I haul my body.


Really need some help & direction. I don't mind starting off with a basic/starter system but insist on good strobes so that I can  move them over to a better system if needed.


As for a budget, well cheaper is always better for me (new rebreather this year & scooter have broke the budget) but decent quality where I can enjoy shooting without too many issues.


So in short order:


what body?

Housing needs to be Nauticam

what ports & extensions?

what WA lense?

what recommended strobes?

anything else I missed?