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best channels to sell underwater equipment?

13 June 2011 - 01:05 PM

Unfortunately, I have to focus on developing a career right now am now unable to pursue underwater photography. I wanted to know if anyone can suggest the best outlets for selling underwater equipment and solutions on how to best deal with money transfer. I understand that I can do consignment, but obviously, that would not allow me to maximize returns. I plan on selling my Nauticam NA-D90 housing and accessories along with dual YS-250(s).

I was also thinking, should I send the housing to an authorize dealer to certify that it still works?

Thanks to everyone who responds in advance.

looking for good instructor in Seattle

28 September 2010 - 03:07 PM

Greetings Guys and Gals!

I just moved from Guam to Seattle, Washington and am looking for recommendations on an instructor who teaches the dry suit class. I am also hoping he/she can help me find a good group to dive with in Washington.

I am also looking to get into free diving, so if you also know any free diving instructors in the Seattle area, please let me know.

Thanks to the people who respond in advance!

Removing extension ring from dome port

19 July 2010 - 02:10 AM

I am having a hard time removing my extension ring from the dome port. Would WD-40 work or some silicone base spray? I would appreciate suggestions on removing it. I left the extension ring attached to the dome port for 2 weeks, so I figure that the lubricant is all dried up and stuff.

Thanks in advance to the people who respond.