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Kathy Mendes to present Palau Trippers Adventure at NCUP May 8, 2015

05 May 2015 - 07:29 AM

Please join us for the NCUPS May 8, 2015 meeting.
Meetings are held in Millbrae, California. For directions or more information about NCUPS visit our website at: http://www.ncups.org
Doors open: 7:00PM
Premeeting Seminar (7:00PM – 7:45PM): Video Editing by Ken Hares

Ken will start the presentation by showing a 2 1/2 minute movie. Then he'll step through building that movie. He will show you his workflow that really minimizes his editing time.

FEATURED PRESENTER (8 PM – 9:15PM):  Palau Trippers 2014 by Kathy Mendes  
In February 2014 a small group of adventure seeking underwater photographers went to Palau! This presentation will feature several of the Palau Trippers images from their liveaboard cruise on the Palau Siren including underwater highlights like sharks, manta rays, schooling fish, ripping currents, caves, and a visit to Jellyfish Lake! Enjoy the images showing the above water history, and flora and fauna (a cat and a bat) of Palau. Hear about crazy flights, the hotel with unfinished upper floors, dining highlights (and low-lights), and the local prison (where they make beautiful carved story boards). One member of the Palau Trippers even had an unforgettable overnight visit to the local hospital! After ten wonderful days at sea, the trippers made their way home and have invited you to share the trip with them this Friday, May 8, 2015 at the NCUPS meeting!
Photographers include Mark Krag, Robert Yee, Albertine Van Der Heiden, Patty Harris, Pat Delaplane, Rich Stilleke and Kathy Mendes.

Break (9:15PM – 9:30PM)
Minicomp (9:30PM – 9:45PM):  Kelp critters

Critters that live in the kelp

Clinton Bauder to present at NCUPS on April 10, 2015

07 April 2015 - 09:08 PM

Please join us for the NCUPS April 10, 2015 meeting.


Meetings are held in Millbrae, California. For directions or more information about NCUPS visit our website at: http://www.ncups.org


Doors open: 7:00PM


Premeeting Seminar (7:00PM – 7:45PM):  Salmon Run by Brad Brown 

In 2013 Brad Brown dove Alaska during the peak of the Alaskan Salmon run.  Come learn from Brad about what worked and what didn’t work while chasing the salmon upstream for that perfect shot.




Clinton Bauder Presents - photos taken in Central California from Big Sur to Cordell Bank with an emphasis on technical and off-the-beaten path sites that are seldom visited by divers.


About Clinton Bauder

Clinton Bauder is a founding member, long time board member, and current Science Officer of Bay Area Underwater Explorers. He will occasionally head to warmer climes for a change of pace but generally finds tropical diving a tad dull and is soon pining for cold water, kelp forests, and pinniped dive buddies.


Break (9:15PM – 9:30PM)


Minicomp (9:30PM – 9:45PM):  San Dwellers; Critters that live in the sand


Clean-up (9:45PM – 10PM)


No-host Cocktails immediately following the meeting at:

Fiddlers Green

333 El Camino Real
Millbrae, CA 94010

Ethan Daniels to present at NCUPS tonight (2/13/2015 @ 7PM)

13 February 2015 - 09:15 AM

WHEN:  Friday, February 13, 2015  
              Doors Open at 7:00 PM
WHERE: New Vision United Methodist Church (Gymnasium)

               450 Chadbourne Avenue, Millbrae, CA (map)
Ethan Daniels, a professional photographer and guide, has presented at NCUPS several times. This February Ethan will be discussing shooting various Pacific reefscapes over the past 12 months with one fixed lens. 
Photography is becoming more and more specialized as more hardware and software technology is available to the public. Yet the basics of what make a beautiful photograph remain the same. It does not require the latest and greatest and most expensive equipment (though sometimes that helps), or the most exotic, remote destinations (though these can help too) for photographers to produce good imagery. It takes creativity in how one looks at the world and how one captures the world on a digital sensor. So come join Ethan for an evening of discussions on how to get back to the basics of consistently generating solid underwater images. Ethan will also be running an UW photography workshop at Buceo Anilao Beach & Dive Resort May 1-10, 2015.

Adriana Basques to present at NCUPS on July 11, 2014

05 July 2014 - 10:43 PM



Please join us on Friday, July 11, 2014 as we welcome Adriana Basques


Doors open: 7:00PM Cost: FREE and open to the public For directions or more information about NCUPS visit our website at www.ncups.org


Pre-meeting Seminar (7:30PM-8PM in the Fireside Room): Chuck Tribolet, long time NCUPS Member, will be hosting a show and tell about the film days of using uw self-contained cameras. 




FEATURED PRESENTION (8:15PM – 9PM in the Main Hall):  Adriana Basques will share her personal choices in photography and will give examples on how to achieve similar results.



Adriana Basques


Adriana Basques is a former IBM executive turned professional underwater photographer whose imagery is gaining significant notoriety around the world.

Born in Brazil, Adriana was hooked on scuba diving during her first experience back in 1996 in the Caribbean. 

She finally combined her love for the underwater world with photography in 2008, when after purchasing her first DSRL camera. 

Her engineering background combined with a unique innovative artistic flare has propelled her into becoming a highly recognized international professional in both photography and post production.

In 2010, she took a sabbatical from IBM and moved to California, focusing her interest on photography and diving. Three years later, the corporate life had lost its  appeal, and she began to focus her full time effort  as a Nature and Wildlife photographer.

Her images denote a distinctive style that have become the hallmark to her creativity.

Adriana has been published in numerous magazines, calendars and books around the world,  receiving  awards for her work. 

Adriana also co-leads exclusive trips with her husband Clark Miller,  to remote and exotic locations around the world. 



Chuck Tribolet

Chuck Tribolet, was born and raised in the Arizona desert, Chuck is an avid diver and long-time NCUPS member.  Past presentations have included the realities of rebreathers and his Ph.D. (Push here Dummy) underwater photography education series.  Active in the local dive community, Chuck maintains a web page providing weather and dive conditions for the Monterey region, and is a moderator of the ba_diving e-mail list.  Active in all sorts of nature photography, Chuck also belongs to the Bay Area Bird Photographers, Wildlife Photographers of Silicon Valley, and Monterey Peninsula Underwater Photographers.  He supports his Nikon habit working in Silicon Valley as a software engineer.  Though best known for diving Monterey over a hundred times a year, Chuck often makes a trip to warm water, traveling to Fiji, Cocos, Australia, Belize, Turks and Caicos, Hawaii, and Tahiti.


Break (9:15PM – 9:30PM)


Minicomp (9:30PM – 9:45PM): Beauty in something considered ugly; find something the world finds ugly, and make it beautiful.


Clean-up (9:45PM – 10PM)


No-host Cocktails immediately following the meeting at: TBD