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In Topic: Underwater Timelapse

02 August 2011 - 11:33 PM

Interesting thread.

I would be pretty sure, but guessing, infrared wont work underwater, because infrared is higher than the red end of the spectrum, which of course disappears first underwater, so guessing it wont travel underwater. You may have more luck with radio, because i imagine full face/communication devices are radio?

if a standard video is 24fps or 25fps then 1000 frames is 40 seconds. I think timelapse videos are more effective when they are short, but depends what settings you can get on the d7000.


In Topic: sharks teeth and marine animal designations

29 July 2011 - 11:32 PM

i thought they were fins, but now u say teeth...

i think normal lowly grokels get grey fins, admins get red ones. Apart from posting more, is there anyway of changing your animal?


In Topic: To disturb, or not to disturb ???

25 July 2011 - 03:05 PM

I have been in the Phils for a year now, diving every weekend and occasionally during the week if 'work' is slow. So the housing and port stay setup from the last dive, and i'll decide whether to switch the next day, weather and dive site dependent.

I only take it apart to rinse it because its too big to fit in the bucket i have!! I live in a small village which doesnt have full running water, so water is a premium. No other reason. If i had a bigger dunk tank id leave it all together!


In Topic: To disturb, or not to disturb ???

24 July 2011 - 03:01 PM

If it aint broke, dont fix it.

I am of the mindset, the more you pull o-rings out, fiddle with them, and put them back, the more likely they are to pick up grit, a scratch, a nick or whatever. Just check for the dampness of the oring when opening and closing the back, and if you change ports. If you open/close the housing in a clean/dry place, why would it change between one days diving and the next? Maybe if you are doing fine silty diving it could work its way in, but standard reef diving... nah.

I just take it and rinse it, remove the strobes from the arms, and arms from the housing and rinse all the moving parts on the outside of the housing, and thats enough for me.


In Topic: Underwater Fashion--Pool

23 July 2011 - 05:00 PM

ok, been reading alot recently. The trick bag is growing and ideas are coming thick and fast.

Here's my questions... i hope to be doing a pool session with my pregnant wife sometime soon. My parents have a small pool at their place so we will start there and then maybe hire a pool later for the 'final' shoot before she pops.

At present i have 2x inon 240s, and a small epoque strobe which i was thinking i would use to fire as the slave to a topside setup. I only have 2 standard length nauticam optical cables, but can look at getting a longer one if needed.

My mum is a seamstress, so theres tons of black fabric lying around the house for the backdrop. We'll sew a pocket in for a chain weight.

I was thinking, one strobe on camera, as a fill in. One mounted to a circular float, secured to a pole to stop it floating away, which would hang just below the surface of the water pointing down on the wife as a main light. Should i softbox/umbrella/diffuse this somehow?

My brother is a music engineer so should have a spare TOSLINK cable, so may try this trick too.

We also have pro hair and make up on hand too.

Shooting with a 7d and tok10-17 and 8" dome.

Anything else we need to think of. She is 7months gone, so time is of the essence...


p.s trying it in the sea the other day, pregnant women float. She normally dives with 1 kg, but she just couldnt duck dive. We loaded her with 5kg belt under her dress just to get her below the surface!