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16 June 2011 - 07:04 PM

Hey All,

With a sorry heart, i have to advertise this area of land in the Town of Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte, Philippines. We originally bought the land to develop as a diving resort but personal family issues means we have to sell.
Attached File  IMG_0525.JPG   469.26KB   153 downloads (View from the Dive boat)

The Land is 1.3 hectares, (3.2 acres) with 200m (well 196m really) of perfect white sand beachfront.
It has a clean Title of ownership under our company name for easy transfer to the buyer. It is actually 3 lots, joined together, and we would like to sell as a complete package, but would consider splitting if necessary.

The land is situated at the end of a Barangay (village - slightly bumpy) road, with direct access. The land stretches back about 70m from the beach in a perfect shape for a dive resort. The land rises away from the beach, being 4-5m higher at the back than the front, (Topographic survey completed if wanted).
It is surveyed, marked, and a temporary bamboo fence marks the edge of the lot, but building permit has been issued for a 6ft high concrete fence if wanted.
Presently it is agriculture land, with almost 400 young coconut trees planted.
Faces west for afternoon sun and sunsets. Views over Bohol and Camigiun.

Padre Burgos is a newly developing dive area, but with 26 great dive sites, and only 4 operators in the town its always quiet. Whale sharks are common from Nov-Apr. The reefs are some of the best in the Philippines (The house reef known as 'Ampo Reef' has more diversity in corals than Tubattaha, Malapascua etc) and some great muck diving too. For other testimonials, just search Padre Burgos, or Sogod Bay here to read divers reports. We hope that someone would buy this and enjoy the development that the area deserves.

PRICE PHP1500 (Phil Peso) Per Square Metre = P20M (approx $483k) Offers Accepted. (This is Cheap, check other prices out in the Philippines!)

Attached File  IMG_2104.jpg   35.59KB   147 downloads The beach - Nice, im sure you'll agree. You can own this...

PM me or email me on wood.olly@mac.com for further details.


Olly Wood

Maternity Photography

20 April 2011 - 07:53 PM

So i am planning on doing a shoot of my pregnant wife either in the pool or in the calm shallows.

We have looked through a number of UW model ideas and a few maternity shot ideas and hope to join a few of them up to create our own pregnancy shots with our personal twist.

However, i have never shoot models before, (except her) either topside or UW, (beside positioning a diver in a WA shot) and would love a few pointers. Our concerns are of course being pregnant, diving is out of the question so it will have to be shallow/surface/pool shots.

We have found a few quiet, (read Dead) resorts around here with pools, who i'm sure could be persuaded for private hire, so no worries of gawping eyes but even so, plan to keep the clothes on. I have my standard UW setup, which lens should i be aiming towards? the fisheye is obviously out (dont want to distort her more than the bump is already doing so!), 18-55 a good bet? Anything else i should look at getting? Waterproof Make-up?

Any links to ideas would also be great.


Refraction question

07 March 2011 - 04:00 PM

Hey all,

Now i know this may sound like a silly question but ive been pondering it for a while. When using a wide angle lens, for instance the Tok 10-17 does the glass of the port actually act in the refraction of the light and act as part of the lens for a clean image? i.e do you need a curved dome for it to actually work as it should?

Im a little confused about the terms of 'projected image' when used describing the use of a large dome. Can someone explain it simply? My first impression was that the light came into the dome and an image was created on the glass of the dome and the lens focused on the dome itself. If this is the case then why does my lens have to use its AF?

Trying to get my head around the light travelling from water to glass to air to lens, but does the curvature of the glass mean a sharper image. Do we need to use domes or is it just a fact of FOV? In terms of image quality does the distance from lens to glass matter if the glass is a flat port (except for vignetting)?

I ask because i am playing with my 10-17 and 1.4x TC in a flat compact port because i dont own a small dome. My dome is 8.5" and wanted to try more CFWA so it fits fine in the compact port. It vignettes at around 14mm at the wide end, so i have a 14-17mm but thats no major issue for me. I accepted that corner sharpness would fall off, and some chromatic aberation may come into play in the corners, but looking at my images the centre is not crystal clear either. Fine at screen size on my 13" laptop but poor at 1:1 zoom so could never print them any bigger than 10x8" at a guess.

Any help appreciated before i waste more dives trying it out.


p.s a 4" dome is on the wishlist but have no income at the moment!

7D Digital Noise

04 March 2011 - 12:03 AM

Hey All,

This is an odd question, but my 7D has more and more recently been showing digital noise in dark areas. I may not have noticed it back when i got the camera last year, but the more i look at my pics, the more it becomes apparent, even at low ISO 100 or 200. 400 seems unacceptable to shoot at when i look at the pics after the dive.

My question is, how much is too much? Is this a RAW processing thing? Should i always accept noise and let Lightroom do its thing?

My other concern is, I live in the Philippines. Would the continual humid air, and living by the coast, salty air, affect my sensor like it does eventually build up on a lens/filter? Should i manually clean the sensor regularly (if so how?) or just let the Canon built in sensor clean do its thing? dont want to push and wipe the sensor unnecessarily. Should i be keeping my camera somewhere special, if so, where?

Lots of questions, hope you guys and girls and help with some answers/ solutions. I will try to upload a 1:1 crop of an image when i get some broadband speed!


Whale Sharks w. Tok. 10-17

19 February 2011 - 03:31 PM

Hey all,

Going on a whale shark snorkel this week, first time out with the 7d, so looking forward to it. But got myself confused. Simply with a Tokina 10-17 behind a 8" dome, should i add the 1.4xTC or not?

Considering i will be shooting from 3m away or more will the TC give me better results?

Should i risk a change out half way through? Try a few different options? mmm...

Any advice would be helpful