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focus question

03 June 2009 - 05:12 PM

I`ve been shooting with a nikonos V for several years now mostly with a sea&sea 15mm: I am about to go digital(dslr own a d300) and have questions about focuscontrol for wideangle photography:

1. If I continue with manual control for example setting focus at 0.70m and a big aperature as Iīm used to do.Where will I then get the focus (much talk about virutal image created by the dome haven`t quite grasp that)?Will it be diiferent compered to my nikonos V?

2.Are most people using autofucus with focus ligh?t Whatīs the techique there? for example a large fish approaching first you photograph it at about 1m the it gets closer till say 0.5m you donīt have time to change the angle of the focus light? Maybe i wonīt need one? Will be diving in the bahamas?

aswers much appreciated
regards jacob