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2017 Tonga whale trip with Doug Perrine

20 August 2016 - 05:57 PM

Professional marine life photographer and naturalist Doug Perrine will be the guide / naturalist / photo pro for an expedition to swim with humpback whales in the Kingdom of Tonga, September 11-20, 2017. This is the breeding season for southern hemisphere humpbacks, and we can expect encounters with mothers and calves. Full trip details can be found at: http://www.oceanicso...back-whales--72

All whale encounters will be conducted under permit and within Tongan law. Doug will share insights on the lives of whales gained over many years of assisting with whale research in Hawaii, and photographing whales around the world. He will also be available for personal photo help. Doug's photography has been published in magazines worldwide, including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Time, and hundreds of others. He is the author of seven books about marine life.

FS Olympus OM-D EM-5 and Nauticam housing

21 November 2015 - 03:59 PM

Compact wide-angle underwater underwater photography package: Olympus OM-D EM-5 16MP digital mirrorless micro 4/3 camera; Panasonic Lumix 8mm fisheye lens; Nauticam underwater housing; Nauticam 4.33 inch acrylic dome port; tray with two handles; two mounting balls; hand strap; LED hotshoe flash trigger; all original boxes and documentation for all items, including charger and accessory flash for camera, all front & back caps, manuals, etc.; housing is fitted with a bulkhead that allows remote triggering of the camera for polecam use (trigger not included) – if desired this can be replaced with a traditional bulkhead fitting for electronic strobe triggering, however current setup allows strobe triggering via either on-camera flash, or via hotshoe LED trigger. All equipment is in near pristine condition, very lightly used. This was my backup kit for travel – very easy to pack, and also served as a small, lightweight polecam, and as a “digital Nikonos” that I could hang around my neck and easily carry on long swims. I’ve been very happy with this, and am only selling it to upgrade to a new mirrorless with higher resolution. I only used this with the fisheye lens and matching port, and do not have any other lenses or ports for sale, but there is a wide selection available from other sources. $1995 for entire package. Gear is located in Kona, Hawaii, USA. Shipping is additional.Attached File  1.all.jpg   83.6KB   20 downloadsAttached File  2.camera_front.jpg   74.32KB   20 downloadsAttached File  3.camera_back.jpg   69.57KB   21 downloadsAttached File  4.housing_front.jpg   71.33KB   21 downloadsAttached File  5.housing_back.jpg   82.1KB   22 downloads

Sony a7rII settings

19 November 2015 - 12:36 PM

I am looking for advice on 2 menu settings for the Sony a7r2:


1) Silent Shooting option - sounds great - don't scare your subjects - but the user's manual warns that this can result in image distortion if either the subject or camera is moving. Does anyone have experience with this to report what sort of distortion and how bad? I'm guessing they are referring to something similar to what you can get from a leaf shutter on a Hasselblad when there is very fast subject movement, but would like to hear from someone who has used the silent option on the Sony.


2) Copyright info - There is a menu screen to add in your copyright name in order to have your copyright notice added to the EXIF info as you shoot. But there is no obvious way to enter the info, and no instructions in the manual. Nikon has this, and a keyboard comes up on the LCD screen so you can enter your name, but if Sony has this, I haven't found how to access it. Anybody know how to get the name into the camera?