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Nauticam NA-D500 housing for Nikon D500

11 December 2017 - 07:16 PM

Selling my Nauticam underwater housing for Nikon D500. Less than a year old. Used on 15 dives only. (Upgrading to D850). Excellent condition with a few cosmetic scuffs. Asking U.S. $2250 (new price $3500). Optional extras: Nikonos 5-pin bulkhead $80; TTL converter circuit for Ikelite and Inon $390; vacuum valve $209. D500 camera body for sale to buyer of housing. One year old, 3290 shutter activations. $1200. Shipping from Hawaii, U.S.A. not included.Attached File  1.NA-D500_front.jpg   137.48KB   24 downloadsAttached File  2.NA-D500_back.jpg   165.64KB   24 downloadsAttached File  3.NA-D500_top.jpg   148.27KB   24 downloadsAttached File  4.NA-D500_bottom.jpg   140KB   24 downloadsAttached File  5.NA-D500_inside_front.jpg   178.57KB   24 downloadsAttached File  6.NA-D500_inside_back.jpg   218.92KB   24 downloads

Unterwasser Magazine non-payment

01 November 2017 - 01:31 PM

I'm sad to report that Unterwasser - one of the few remaining print magazines to continue publishing underwater images in high quality and to pay their contributors - has now joined the ranks of delinquents. Despite monthly reminders, I have not been paid for an article with photos that appeared in the April issue, which would have been printed in March. The editors seem to be sympathetic, but can get no action from the publisher, whose official excuse is that the accountant has been sick for months, and the only assistant accountant only comes in two days a week. And yet, somehow, the water and electricity have not been turned off, the landlords have not evicted them from their office space, and the employees continue to come to work. It is only the creators - the individuals who produce the content - who are considered expendable. The executives in their corporate suites probably feel that the editors should be able to source plenty of material from hobbyists who are happy to give it away for free in order to see their names in print. Most likely they are correct. However, don't expect that if you are promised to be paid for your work there that you will actually be paid.