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In Topic: Inon UCL-165 vs. UCL-330 Macro close lens.

07 September 2010 - 10:36 PM

First off, thanks to Jlyle, Timmoranuk, Karel/Scubamoose & mikeqc for responding. Your inputs have been the deciding factor in my purchasing the Inon UCL-165 (which is now on its way to me...hehehehe).

So, the take home message I got from all of you are:
1. Definitely get the 165 (x2 if possible) instead of the 330 version since the 330 is more useful for portraiture work while the 165 more for macro work.
2. Stacking caused very shallow DOF, so have to be careful with focusing, therefore must shoot a lot per subject.
3. To use the 165, DO NOT activate the in-camera macro function
4. both the "wetties" (hah! :D ) can also be used later on should I upgrade to bringing slr underwater, provided the lens port has 67mm screw mount in front.
5. Although all the pros here suggested getting x2 165, being a newbie in "wetties", with all due respect, I do have to agree with mikeqc, not to take the leap of faith in getting both 165s at the same time at least at this point of time (budget being the main consideration of course. :) ) Plus, I'm not sure I'll like it or not, though judging from the samples provided by Jlyle, I'm pretty much sold on the idea already.

Thanks once again......KOMODO, here I come...hehehe

Cheers from gloomy Kuala Lumpur,

In Topic: For Sale, Complete Subal System Canon 40D/50D

18 February 2010 - 11:52 AM

I sent you a PM. Let me know your email address so I can send you some info and some pics.

Hi Bill,

Do you sell all the items as a package or can you sell them separately? Can we discuss this further? Do drop me a line at badrulhuzaimi@gmail.com.