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Lots of Stuff - Nauticam, Nikon, Sola, Subsees, etc.

25 May 2015 - 12:15 PM

Hi All - I'm selling the items listed below. I'm only selling them because life is getting in the way of uw photography :) New child, house, etc. I last used all of this stuff in Raja Ampat this past January and everything worked fine. Pictures taken with this gear are at www.toddbretl.com. Please shoot me a PM if you have questions on anything or would like to see pictures of anything. I've already sold my cameras so I'm limited to iPhone pics. Everything except the + 10 SubSee and sync cords have the original packaging.


Wet Lenses

  • Reefnet Subsee Magnifier + 10: $150
  • Reefnet Subsee Magnifier + 5: $125
  • Nauticam Super Macro Converter: $360
  • FIT + 8 Diopter  (with 67mm setup ring): $100
  • FIT + 5 Diopter (m67 thread mount): $75


  • Inon z240 Strobe (type4, brand new, never used, unopened): $625
  • Inon z240 Strobes (type4, used): $500
  • 2 x Sea & Sea 5 pin Dual Sync Cord: $125 each.
  • Sola 600 (no charger, w/ red light, ball mount. Some corrosion on contacts but has not been a problem): $400 
  • Sola 500 (no charger, ball mount. Some corrosion on contacts but has not been a problem): $300 
  • Charger for Sola 500/600 (brand new): $10


  • Zen 100 dome for Nauticam, Tokina 10-17: $650
  • Nauticam Macro Port 87 for Nikon 105: $325
  • Nauticam Macro Port 60 for Nikon 60: $280
  • Nauticam N105VR-5 Zoom Gear for Nikon 105: $130


  • Nikon TC 17E II: $350

NA-D7100, Inon Z-240, D7100 body, zoom gears, flash trigger

26 December 2014 - 04:46 PM

I have the following items for sale. Selling because my wife and I just had our first child and I think it will be some time before I have a big dive trip again. Let me know if you have an questions. Happy to send pictures of anything from whatever angle you'd like. Thanks!


Prices below include free shipping in the US. 


Nauticam NA-D7100 Housing: Excellent condition with signs of normal use. Recently used for 3 weeks in Raja Ampat/Lembeh with 0 problems. Includes reflective prism, electronic 5-pin bulkhead, and brand new spare body and port o-ring. Many of the pictures at toddbretl.com were taken with this housing. Have the original box/receipt. $3350 new (including extras), asking $2500


Nikon D7100 Camera Body: 19,204 actuations. Excellent condition. I had the sensor professionally cleaned last month. Includes original packaging and all original accessories. $900 new, asking $600


Inon z240 Strobe: Brand new, never opened. 800$ retail, asking $650


Nauticam Flash Trigger for NA-D7100: Like new condition, original packaging included. If you don't know what this does, I'd look it up - it's awesome. $220 new, asking $150


Sea & Sea Nikon 12-24 Zoom Gear: Like new. $190 retail, asking $100


Nauticam zoom gear for Sigma 17-70 HSM, Nikon Mount: Like new. $195 retail, asking $120


Nauticam zoom gear for Nikon 16-35: Like new. $195 retail, asking $120

[FS] Inon Z-240 (Type 4), Brand New

04 October 2014 - 07:05 PM

I have a brand new, never used, Inon Z-240 (Type 4) for sale. I won it in a contest but already have four of them. 700$ obo. 




Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.