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In Topic: Selling DS200's for Ds161's

22 April 2011 - 12:43 PM

I was under the impression that the charger is usually sold seprately (as most other Ikelite strobes are sold unless you buy a kit). The charger goes for about $100. The same battery charger is used the the DS200/DS160/DS161/DS125 (so I would like to keep my charger). I have 3 of the DS200's to sell, in good used condition. Anyone know what a fair asking price per strobe would be? I can not find any used ones being sold on the online auction sites.

Try them at $500 and see if anybody bites. Problem with 200s is that they are discontinued, and repair parts may also be out of stock, so it may be difficult to get anyone to invest too much in a system that is on the way out.