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19 February 2009 - 05:11 AM

Please have in mind that any of us the amateur photographers rely exactly on companies like yours to recover the extremely high cost of equipment and travel. Such photographs bear the risk of losing equipment worth thousands of pounds, not to mention the risk of diving itself. Not to mention that the stock cost for using such photographs is rather cheap for a company to expose itself at such risk it could be estimated at some EUR 500 annually for up to 2000 garments.

I have already made contact with local UK lawyers and I am expecting their response. If this response is positive I am still considering a legal action or a dispute resolution procedure unless we can settle the issue.

You should be careful what you say mate, you could be done for extortion if you send emails like this to companies.

Check wikipedia:

Are you hard for cash or is this a normal practice where ever you are?

Really not impressed. :)