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5d mark ii video settings

14 August 2009 - 05:45 PM

taking my Canon 5d Mark II under for the first time next week. i think i'm going to try some video. what do you folks think about:

Canon 5d Mark II
Canon 17-40mm
Ikelite housing
8in dome
Manual mode
shutter 1/60
aperture f8
focus ~3 feet in front

i'll be in Cozumel, so i'm thinking of just drifting along. f8 for increased edge sharpness. 1/60 because NTSC. and let autoISO handle the exposure.

i have at my disposal magic-filter and a +2 diopter. i can try both of these. manual white balance on my silver Aqualung fins.

i'm a complete video newb. am i on the right track?
suggestions? thanks.

whats a good lightweight dedicated macro setup?

11 June 2009 - 09:36 PM

I have a 5d mark II and a 5d. both with Ikelite housings. i think the 5d is too heavy for my wife to use. since she only likes to shoot macro, i'm thinking of trading the 5d for a point n shoot.

is there a small, lightweight, yet quality setup for macro? we liked the Nikonos V setup with one strobe, extension tubes and framers. although not light, it was easy to shoot really quality macros. can something like a G10 do macros well at, say, 6 inch working distance? with one DS51 or DS125 strobe?

other suggestions? i'd like to stick to ikelite only to share my cords and DS125 battery chargers. but i'm open to other suggestions too.

thanks in advance