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Sea & Sea Pro NX-90 Housing - With Handles!

22 September 2013 - 06:03 PM

I say "With Handles" because I have no idea if this housing is functional. I saw it at an estate sale and bought it cheap on, well, reflex, I guess. Do the o-rings all seal? I don't know.  Does the sync port work? It's a little dirty but not corroded, but I don't know. Does it have two nice handles, a housing body cap and an orange lanyard? You betcha!

If you want it -- and you have to buy all of it -- let me know what you think it's worth, plus shipping, and away it goes.

Sea & Sea YS-30 Duo TTL Strobe w S&S to Nik Sync Cord

12 June 2013 - 09:44 PM

This is a little bitty puppy. Takes two little AA batteries and gives a little bitty pop.

I bought it, way back when, thinking it would be great for a compact Nikonos V macro set-up.  It worked okay once I figured out that, even with TTL, the strobe still had to be pretty close to the subject to give off enough illumination to exercise the TTL. Even so, I only used it a few times and it’s been sitting in my camera closet ever since.


It has a four-pin Sea & Sea strobe sync port to Nikonos-style five-pin sync port sync cord, (try saying that three times fast) buuut I don’t believe it will talk directly to digital cameras. It has no FOC connections and your choice of settings are OFF, ON and TTL, and SLAVE ON or OFF. Moreover, if used as an unharnessed slave it will fire with your cameras pre-flash, if, as in some cameras, you can’t lock out that function.

So what bloody use is it?


I don’t know, but I still want $75 and postage for it and the sync cord. (The latter, I believe, may have some value.)

I'll be happy to answer any questions.


Two Sea & Sea YS-50 Strobes w. SeaLoc Connections

12 June 2013 - 08:17 PM

Return with us now to the golden days of silver halide!

These are my old reliable YS-50 strobes I used for many years with my Nik II. 

You punk kids wouldn't know what I'm talking about but back in my day strobes gave a blast of light at one setting, didn't have no TTL, and couldn't figger what a fiber optic cable doodad was! It's true! If we wanted to change the light settings we'd move the strobe back n forth. Or change the shutter speed from 1/30 to 1/60.

These YS-50s never gave me a lick of trouble either, and still work great -- course I seviced 'em regular like, changing inner and user o-rings. And they was rubber o-rings too! Buna-N. Didn't need no special o-ring grease. Used bear fat once. Had SeaLoc connecters too, so's I could switch 'em from my Nik II to my Oceanic housing.

Gad. That Oceanic was a beast. Big n blue n proud! Won't see the like of her again.

Anyway, if you can use the daing things I'm willin' to let 'em go for $25 apiece. That's a strobe, with the new style battery door, n maybe a spare battery door o-ring. Maybe.

Hell, if you buy em both I'll throw in a perfectly good chassis in case one of em ever goes bad -- it's real easy to switch out, you just got to back off three little screws under them sticky tabs -- remember to drain the capacitor though, or you'll have lightnin bolts comin out your nose! -- plus an old style battery door, a dual connector -- you know you can unplug these things under water, don't ya? -- and a blood stained carryin bag with the word NIKON writ on it there real large so's all the thieves can see it.

Not sure? Well, alright. You think about it and let me know.


Hell, I almost forgot. You got to pay your own damn postage too! I ain't payin it for you! I'm not givin the government even the price of a stamp! I'm here in California n if that's too far away for you then just forget it!

The Enemy of My Anemone...

28 February 2013 - 12:51 AM

This is a snail eating the tentacle tips of an Urticina columbiana Sand Rose Anemone in Monterey, California.

I think the snail is Epitonium tinctum or Opalia chacia, but I've been led astray by a pretty shell before. Anyone know?

Thanks in advance.