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Need help picking a new rig please!

24 February 2010 - 07:44 PM


The time has come for me to take the plunge and upgrade to a DSLR rig. Need some help picking the right bits before I commit the cash.

I have a D700 that I use above water, but I'm thinking I'd be happier buying a new D90 and housing than taking the D700 under with me. Seems that the D700 housings are considerably more expensive than the D90 ones, to the point that a D90 camera + housing cost the same as the D700 housing alone.

Having the ability to fire the strobe(s) via the fibre optics instead of the electrical systems is appealing, and am leaning towards a Nauticam housing for this reason.

Looking at lenses it seems that none of my above water lenses are particularly well suited to underwater use, so I was planning on picking up the Tokina 10-17 as I think I'll get more use from the CFWA than a macro lens initially (first trip with the rig will probably be to Grand Cayman later this year).

For ports I like the look of the Zen 100mm dome - especially as it is so much smaller and lighter to travel with. I know that there is a risk of slightly softer edges compared to a larger dome, and that split over/under shots won't be practical, but the small size and ability to get close seem to be a good trade-off.

The final decision is whether I need a second strobe? I have an Inon Z240 already, would the 10-17 lens need a 2nd strobe to light evenly, or will I be OK if I use the one strobe to light the foreground and let the ambient light the rest? Would probably pick an Inon S-2000 as the 2nd strobe if necessary.

Anything I've missed from the list? Am I missing the mark with any of these choices? It's a lot of money to spend without being fairly certain you're doing the right thing!

Nauticam housing
Tonkina 10-17mm lens
Zen 100mm dome
Focus/Zoom gears
2nd strobe (and arms)

Many thanks in advance for your help.