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Unable to process S95 RAW to look like the JPG (Lightroom and ACR)

19 October 2013 - 06:03 AM

I've just been playing with Magic Filters on my S95 but come across a strange problem (im sure its not filter related).
Taking a photo, ambient light, manually white balanced, shooting in RAW+JPG mode.
The JPG has much more red and less colour cast substantially than the RAW file.  BUT when i load into LR5.2 or CS6 RAW editor it initially displays as the jpg (as its reading the embedded preview) but once its rendered properly the colour goes substantially green or blue.
I'm unable to process the RAW to look anything like the JPG - the white balance tint is already at the max of 150 and the image is still very green or blue.  As the slider appears maxed out already i cant remove this.
The result is a JPG off the camera looks fine (if i load this into LR or PS i can do a lot of editing the colours so plenty of room to spare) but a RAW file that appears maxed out.
Example below (crap picture due to low light and algae but it gets the point across):-
The first is the JPG straight off the camera (sliders on LR are neutral/middle FWIW) and the second is the same RAW file which comes with the tint at +150 maxed out already so no further correction possible.
Any idea what/how i can sort this problem out?  Its odd i have a lot more potential for JPG editing than i do RAW or is it likely to be an ACR bug in handling the S95 files?


FWIW i've tried using DPP and the RAW file displays properly and can be white balanced adjusted in there, it just seems to be adobe RAW handling thats different.


For anyone interested in playing themselves i've uploaded the original right off the camera JPG and RAW files here:-
I know the photo etc is technically useless - it was grabbed on a guided dive purely to prove the point above with no attempt at getting settings or anything correct.  WB was set manually with a slate at the same angle/depth a few seconds previously.  Depth roughly 17m in fairly dark green water.