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Video lights - cheap(ish)?

16 November 2018 - 03:15 AM

My Sola 3000 Flood appears to have died so looking at replacement options.


FWIW i shoot mainly wide angle, DSLR video in the tropics.


The limitations i found with the 3000 were (i) it wasnt wide enough so i really needed 2 and (ii) its not bright enough shallower than 20m.


So with that in mind, what are the potential options out there these days?  Ive seen mention of cheap chinese ones that actually seem to work OK and others say not.


Anything in particular to look at?  Cheapish would be nice but obviously prepared to pay whats needed.



Nauticam vacuum and leak - red light after startup

08 November 2018 - 07:36 PM

Looking for some possible advice.

Ive got a fairly new (Feb 2018) housing with the fitted vacuum and leak detector.  This worked perfectly for a few months but now i've got an issue.


Basically, when i turn on the housing i get a blue flashing LED then it goes to constant red and stays there.

According to the manual this is low battery but ive now tried 4 x 2450 batteries with the same result so the chances of a bad batch are likely remote.

If i fiddle with it enough (remove, reinsert battery, turn it on/off, push, squeeze etc) for a few minutes then usually i can get it to behave itself and it works, shows vacuum and stays working normally until i next turn it off.


Im confident there is no loss of vacuum or moisture (contacts are clean on the detector probe).  The red comes in before even fitting the back.


Any idea what i can do to troubleshoot or attempt to fix this issue as obviously having a known vacuum and working leak detection would be nice.