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How to strip out EXIF / camera data from files

19 November 2010 - 05:49 AM

Hi, I take and sell underwater portraits and more and more people are buying the TIFF / JPG files so they can print at home / get it on canvas or whatever they choose to do with them.

What I want to do is strip out the EXIF / RAW data that has camera make / model, aperture, ISO, even down to what I did to the file in photoshop. Basically I feel this kind of stuff is giving away trade secrets and I dont want all my settings and techniques laid out bare for anyone with an EXIF-reader to see. I also want to add the ownership / copyright info, although I know it can be removed easily enough.

I've looked at Irfanview (it degrades the image too much, even when carrying out the 'lossless jpg' commands), and EXIFtool is just computer programming jargon to me. Does anyone know how to remove this info WITHOUT degrading the image?

I'm at a loss, I 've heard older versions of photoshop save jpgs without this, but I use CS4 and dont want to revert. Any ideas??!!!!