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In Topic: Devils Eye Cave

10 April 2013 - 11:49 PM

Thanks Davide, it was all shot at 24p. There is really not that much movement going on so it worked well.

In Topic: Cave diving footage

16 April 2012 - 12:49 PM

Really nice footage. Well done. Which cenotes/caves were you diving?

A little off topic but I noticed where you are from and I am heading to Bergen this weekend and hoping to get some diving in, any recommendations?



Thanks. We were based in Tulum so all the usual ones around there, Nohoch, Naharon, Dos Ojos, River Run etc. We also had a couple of guided dives but I have been asked to refer to those sites only as "My Secret Cenote". They were pretty new and fresh!

There is no proper dive center/charter in Bergen unfortunately. http://www.nemo.no/ can probably help you out with gas (make sure you are not in a hurry), but that is pretty much it with them. You could show up for a club dive wih the Uni, see sub.uib.no (they dive Sat/Sun). We will probably head out for a shore dive (either wreck or nature) on Sunday so you are welcome to join for that if you want or you could head up to Gulen Dive Center/Resort (90 min. with car north of Bergen) and enjoy some of the great WW2 wrecks they have there. See: http://gulendykkesenter.no/.

It's a bit pricey, NOK550 per dive, but hey that's Norway for you ...

Very cool. Any clues as to what the bones at 2:16 were from?

Thanks. I have been told that they are of a bear.