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#339358 Installing Vivid Housings Leak Sentinel V3 on Ikelite Nikon D300s housing?

Posted by witchieblackcat on 12 November 2013 - 04:25 PM

I got the Vivid Housings Leak Sentinel V3 for my Ikelite Nikon D300s housing from my LDS. Initially installation was tricky following the instructions on the package:

1. Remove the control gland
2. Screw the adapter into the opening
3. Apply the standard test procedure (see manual)

I was stumped on 1. Remove the control gland!


After talking to my LDS I found out that the instructions are emailed direct rather than come with the package. I soon received them.


3. Installation 

The installation procedure depends on the type of the adapter/housing. 
Instructions for the specific type are included in the product package. 
Leak Sentinel is installed by either replacing the bulkhead, bulkhead cap, or 
screwed in the corresponding accessory port. For more details, please refer to 
the instructions in the product package.

So it looks like the instructions I already had were the ones I needed. But... how does one remove the control gland?

Another chat with my LDS and I get further instructions from the Leak Sentinel chap.

To replace the control gland on Ikelite housing, please follow the steps below:

1. Remove the control button using the appropriate hex wrench
2. Remove the control shaft by pulling it from the inside of the housing through the gland
3. Use the wrench to unwind the control gland (hexagonal metal part) from the housing
4. Screw the Leak Sentinel's adapter into the threaded opening in the housing
5. Apply the standard test procedure (see manual)

Ok. So I can do step 1. Step 2 works with some of my controls but not others and, more importantly, not the one I want to replace.
Step 3 doesn't work as the control I want to replace is threaded in and unscrewing it reveals an x-washer which is incredibly difficult to put back in and nothing to unscrew.

I'm stumped. Does anyone know how to do this before I take it back to the LDS for a refund?