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In Topic: Seacam Prelude for D 7000

26 May 2011 - 02:41 PM

Also, to those saying that other housings are better because they have more controls; I only have experience with Seacam housings. I own three; F100, D1X and D7000. I have several lens ports and an S45 viewfinder. They have traveled the world with me from Fiji to Galapagos and have always traveled well.

I once had the flood alarm go off on my D1X during a dive in Cayman. I slowly made an ascent including a safety stop. The camera is replaceable, I am not. Once back on the boat, I opened the housing and found a hair on the o-ring. The felt inside the housing had absorbed all of the water and the camera was completely dry. I let the housing dry out and went back to using it that afternoon. I doubt many other housings would have faired as well.


In Topic: Seacam Prelude for D 7000

26 May 2011 - 12:31 PM

If anyone has a clever way of adjusting white balance or ISO in the D 7000 without use of the menu button please let me know as I am desperate to find work-arounds for the manufacturer's lack of buttons. Bear in mind also that you can only access the up button of the multi button at the rear that controls focus points and review.

If you put the camera in Aperture or Shutter mode, you can use the sub-command dial to change ISO. I discovered this during my current trip to Belize with my Seacam and D7000. So far I like the housing. It' so much stronger than an Ikelite. I also discovered that it's better with the Pro G viewfinder than with my 45 degree viewfinder.