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In Topic: Trip to Bangka- Indonesia

28 February 2015 - 07:51 PM

Very nice - I love the ghost pipefish shot also.  Haven't been to Bangka in almost 10 years - hope they can keep it protected. 

In Topic: help with using inon z240 type 3 and 4

28 February 2015 - 07:24 PM

yes - you can shoot ttl with different Inon strobes.  I have shot type 4 and type 2 both TTL together.  Type 4 are more sensitive - and they use the smaller diameter slave sensors.  The type 4 can use either Inon fiber optic cable end, the type 3 needs to larger one I'm pretty sure (I know the type 2 uses the larger one).

In Topic: Philippine diving booking agent

15 September 2014 - 09:50 AM

I went to Anilao (Crystal Blue) and Puerto Galera (Atlantis) - and booked through Island Dreams in Houston.  Advantage of Island Dreams is you can pay by credit card - and avoid all the hassles of wire transfers.  Both locations are first class - Anilao has a little better muck (more critters), but PG is very good.  We were there in June (off season) with very warm water - and still saw tons of critters.  Frogfish; harlequin, coleman, emporer, tiger, crinoid shrimp (and lots more); seahorses everywhere (thorny and pygmy); mimic, wonderpus, blue ring, coconut octopus; countless nudibranchs, wide variety of different gobies, and healthy coral reefs with all the usual reef fish available at both locations.  Crystal Blue has a great camera room and dive area and excellent food; you do have some stairs to negotiate between the rooms and the kitchen/dive area.  Absolute freedom for dive profile - we had as much bottom time as air would allow.  The boats are roomy with shade, and very stable.  Mike keeps the dive groups small - usually no more than 4 divers per guide.  The guides are world class, and you never handle your dive gear once you set it up for the first dive.  Absolutely some of the best diving I have ever done - right up there with Komodo and Lembeh. 


Atlantis in Puerto Galera is a much larger resort, right on Sabang Beach which is a tourist area.  They offer up to five days daily - but limit dive time to 60 minutes to maintain schedule (although when we were there, we had a small group and they accomodated our desire for 4 dives/day with more bottom time).  There is a wide variety of diving here as well - with most dive sites within a 15 minute speedboat ride.  They return to the resort between dives (unless you book the day trip to Verde Island).  Service at the resort is first class - and the restaurant was very good.  My wife is not a big fan of native food in Asia - but she always found dishes she liked at every meal.  Atlantis has a nice camera room and dive area - you board the speedboats right off the beach in front of the resort.  They handle all your gear.  Again - depending on which room you select, there can be lots of stairs between your room and the dive shop.  

In Topic: Sea & Sea MDX40D, Canon 40D/50D Bodies, Macro and Fisheye Port

09 April 2014 - 07:53 PM

Ports Sold.  I'll lower the price to finish out the sale:  40D housing and 40D camera body:  $ 1200 US and I'll ship it to lower 48.  Housing stand alone $ 950 - 50D body for $350, 40D body for $300. Cameras both in excellent shape - less than 15000 actuations.  Includes OEM Canon battery and charger. Housing supports fiber optic triggering or manual sync cord triggering.

In Topic: Sea & Sea MDX40D, Canon 40D/50D Bodies, Macro and Fisheye Port

12 March 2014 - 05:36 PM

still available.  Serious offers will be considered