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In Topic: Best photographer diving near Manila (or easy to get to from there)?

22 July 2018 - 06:54 PM

I've been to Anilao multiple times - and there is very good reef diving there as well as muck.   PG is also nice - but frankly I prefer the diving in Anilao.  Koala (in front of the ghost house - ask a local the story:) ) has very nice bommies and soft coral and often turtles - one of my favorite dives.  Several dive sites around Sombrero Island (across the channel from Anilao, but all the dive ops in Anilao will go there as a normal 2 tank dive - much closer than Verde) has excellent bommies and soft coral.  Twin rocks (by Buceo resort) has large trichnadea clams and the twin rocks have some nice wide angle with a swim through (visibility very dependent on current).  Mainit (on the point before Secret Bay) has nice rock topography and soft corals. Cathedral has good wide angle opportunities. Verde island (long boat ride) has definitely nice wide angle - but will be an upcharge for the boat ride.   I have spent 2 weeks at Anilao with 40 plus dives each trip - and never got macro burnout.  There is plenty of variety in the area - just make sure you let your dive op know what you are interested in.


Balicasag is also very good if you want some more variety.  There are also some nice beaches in the Cebu/Balicasag area - Anilao doesn't have much in the way of beaches.

In Topic: Sea & Sea Extension Rings: 40 mm and SX (20mm)

04 March 2018 - 12:46 PM

Both for $225, 40mm for $150, SX for $100.  Paypal.  Shipping included in US.