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Video Light for 5D3

14 December 2015 - 04:37 PM

My rig is a Canon 5Dmk3 in an Ikelite housing with two DS160 strobes. I mainly dive reef down to 40m.

Since upgrading to the 5D I've been playing about with the video, a feature not available to me with my previous setup. Video is something I'd like to keep shooting but not so seriously as to consider a dedicated video cam (well, yet anyway).

I'm after suggestions or recommendations for a single video light. I have credit with a store which stocks I-Dive. So are any of the following worth considering:
  • Venom 38
  • venom 35s
  • Fish Lite V50
  • Something else?
I like the idea of the 38 with the UV light, not for anything other than viewing pleasure, but I'm probably leaning toward the V50. The difficulty lies with my lack of practical experience with the levels of light output, would 3800lm be enough? Is 5000lm still short of anything practical?