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In Topic: Sealux 5D2

15 May 2011 - 09:37 AM

I will have a look at it tomorrow since I will be in the water and give some more feedback.

In Topic: Sealux 5D2

15 May 2011 - 03:15 AM

Hi- I have the 5d2 in a Sealux housing.
The housing is nice, compact and not bulky- not like some others I had looked into. The guys at Sealux are great- if you have any special wishes they'll see to it that it works out for you. In my case- I wanted to have the shutter release lever modified so that I could reach it better (I have small hands). No problem. The slide to place the camera on is great- just pull it out. You can also the the cam in the housing if you want to change lenses- there is a release lever on the outside so you just have to take off the port/dome.

Hope this is enough info- if you have any more questions give me a holler :-)
BTW: I wrote a critique on digideep.com in german with some pics: http://bit.ly/flizad

In Topic: Spain is a banana republic...

05 December 2010 - 10:05 AM

Hi Paul,

actually I'm really not sure. I guess they bring the patient or organs to another airport which is open and then fly from there.
I only do upper airspace control (everything above 25,000 feet77,5km).

I don't like doing overtime myself because it's just giving my employer company the feeling that I will come in for anything. Money makes things easier but it cannot replace time. The job is stressy enough and it has been once said that controllers have one of the lowest life expectancies.
As far as I understand the situation, the AENA was willing to pay high overtme wages since they didn't have enough personnel. That's where the high income comes from. Then AENA said thea have to work more- raising the yearly work time from 1200 to 1800 hours per year (that's round about the hours a controller does per year here in Germany) for the same pay.
Now, last week the government brought in a new policy which states the ATCOs have be on standy-by 365/24, lowering the minimum rest times (here in Germany I have to "wait" 12hrs until I can work again) and then the stuff I wrote in my reply above.

So as far as I see it- it's not really aout the money anymore.

Anyhow: let's get back to talking about diving ;-)

In Topic: Spain is a banana republic...

05 December 2010 - 12:20 AM

Thank you Drew for writing what it is like (I am an ATCO myself)...

There is no denying that the Spanish ATCOs earn a whole lot of money. I don't even get half as much as they do.
But anyhow, that's what the AENA (the spanisch NATS, FAA) is paying them for doing overhours since they don't have enough staffing to get the job done. I have no idea why they haven't hired more, but one thing I do know is that you can't find 'em around the corner (we have the same staffing issue)...

They raised the working hours from round about 1200 per year to round about 1800 per year this spring. Now their working hours are simliar to those that I do...
The new thing that was decided last week by the government was that they get no pay for: their annual medical check-up (same thing which for mandatory for pilots), stand-by duty (365,24) and if you are needed elsewhere, then you are transferred within a week to another part of the country.

And whoever is yelling for the military come and do the job- then bring 'em on. But is what can happen if somebody does a job that they are not trained for (you have to get trained and checked-out on a sector to be able to work it):


And: Regarding military taking over ( anywhere ) this is 2010 in the EU where licensing is in force, Military controllers are not licenced/trained for En-route civil ops. For TWRs at airports this is different ( mixed ops ) . Also numbers are not at all the same , a few hunded licensed military controllers in Spain 1800 civil.

Comparison with Reagan/USA/1981. in 81 huge overstaff in FAA, low working hours , so firing 60% workforce was mitigated by : calling back retired people, management and a few ( hundreds ) of military in some TWRS. Then they enforced 6 days/ week of 12 hours/day to that workfordce, and still it was a mess for 12-14 months ( big delays in the New york area,many incidents). Resolved after 4-5 years only...

I would like to add that it's a no-go just to walk out off the job and bring the country into complete chaos! If there is a strike, then it has to be made possible that medevac and ambulance flights can be done. It has to be a legal and announced well in advance so that measures can be taken...

In Topic: Spain is a banana republic...

04 December 2010 - 05:43 AM

It's a pity on what's going on, but these guys are fed up and are just fighting back. Firing them is not going to help much more, since I suppose there is not enough military personnel to handle the traffic at a day to day basis... air traffic controller's don't grow on tree's...