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In Topic: Turks and Caicos Trip Report

09 April 2006 - 10:21 PM

Nice report,

I've been twice to Turks and Caicos (last one last March 2005) and it was fantastic. We even saw Humback whales from the boat during a 3 dives daytrip.

French Cay is a nice day trip for diving and lot's to see. As it was lobster season we saw quite some in the water as well as on the BBQ. Fantastic trip this Beach BBQ daytour including snorkeling for the whole family.

I absolutely agree the food on the island is great. The Coco Bistro is one of my favorite.

Beaches are very beautiful, but I recon that there are quite some new constructions here and there. There is lots of money to be made with those condos.

Greetings from the UK,


In Topic: D70 Battery Question

20 August 2005 - 04:26 AM


When I use the camera underwater (28 degree Celsius) I can easily make 150 pictures a day for at least 2 days. (No use of internal flash) Then I did recharge it, cause I don't like the experiance under water without bat-power during my holiday. :)

Above Water in 30 degree celsuis environment I made maybe 200 to 300 pictures with one battery fill splitted up through several days.

In other words the battery is excellent and it last long enough. As I usually use an external flash (above and underwater) the battery of the camera has never been a problem to me. If you have access to power during the night just charge it for the next day. I did think about buying a 2nd spare battery just in case and it might be recommended.

Best regards,


In Topic: For those with an idle moment

13 August 2005 - 01:47 AM

Stunning! Really great. There is a lot I can learn from those shots. They look like there was a lot of work & knowledge involved.

How did you let the mirror appear on the ground? Was is air under a plastic foil?
Or is this a secret? :lol:

Thanks for sharing those pictures. :blink:



In Topic: D70 decisions decisions!

28 June 2005 - 02:25 PM

Hi Woody,

I'm using the D70 in the Sealux CD70 housing and I'm fully satisfied with it. I have the Grand Viewfinder attached to it and I can really recommend it. That was worth every penny.

When I compared the Subal housing versus the Sealux housing, I felt in love with the sealux housing, but then my bank account put me back on track and I bought the Sealux version. And I did not regret it. The extra cost for the dom-port and the (same!!) viewfinder just set me off.

Don't worry about any TTL circurits.... manual flash settings as easy as everybody is telling about. More important is the leek warner, and I would definately go for this option. Also add the setting switch manual or auto focus as you might need it.

All important settings (apperture, shutter, zoom) are easily accessable and it is fun talking pictures with this housing.

Also the Sealux housing has more link/connection points for a flash attachment then the Subal housing.

I hope you get the chance to hold both housings in your hands before making a decision. That was very important for me, at least.