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I'm Ron and I work at Sports Basement where some of Eric Cheng and Elijah Woolery's pictures are being displayed.

In April 2006 I went on a night dive in Kona, Hawaii. We were hoping to spot some manta rays but the dive master said that the past couple of nights they hadn't been showing up. We were just about to give up when seven absolutely beautiful mantas showed up to munch on the plankton that were attracted to the boat's lights. We grabbed our gear and hopped in as the mantas swam all around and between us. The videographer, Martina from Dolphin Dreams Images, went around filming everyone. As soon as her two spotlights hit her target, the mantas would immediately surround the person. When she got to me, one came in right between us. As it glided past, the tip of its wing popped my mask up to my forehead and as Martina put it later, "...and all of a sudden I see face."

She was kind enough to send me some screen captures and Michaela asked me to post them. Sorry about the grainy quality.

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05 April 2009 - 11:56 PM

The fifth picture from your first post is great! You really got the colors to pop.