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Help - Triggering off board strobes

28 April 2010 - 07:24 PM

I wanted to add more depth to my cave photos so I bought a couple of off board strobes to go with my pair of onboard DS160s. I was going to get another pair of Ike's and the external sensors but got convinced that the built in sensors of other brands were the way to go. I ended up purchasing 2 YS 250s. I've essentially done a couple of dives where I have placed the strobes on the bottom out in the open with the bottom sensor facing me and taken about 400 photos of the strobes laying on the bottom (yes I'm very stubborn). I'm in crystal clear fresh water and only able to get the strobes to trigger at less than 15 ft away, and only if I point my strobes directly at the remote sensor (head on). At less than 5 ft I can make them trigger fairly reliably, at 10 ft I'm getting less than 50% success. I've adjusted the angle of the remote sensor to me, adjusted the angle of the on board strobes pointing at the sensor, and moved to every possible distance from 0-15 ft. From what I've seen these will not be useful to me at all.

Am I doing something wrong? Is the sensor on the YS 250s just not very good? Is there something I can do to make get more distance or angle and still trigger the strobes or maybe even be more reliable at 10 ft?



What to get for caves? Strobe, lights, other?

15 March 2010 - 08:31 AM

Hi gang,

I'm a cave diver and have recently started taking underwater photos of my environment. The only available light is what I bring with me, but I am usually working in very clear water. I knew I was going to need more light but I wanted to start simple to get the hang of things, so I started with 2 DS 160s mounted to my housing. I'm happy with what I am able to do in small spaces but as the room/space gets larger I just don't have enough light. I'm starting my homework to determine what my next series of purchases should be. Eventually I'd like to light some fairly large rooms but I will probably slowly grow into it rather than get everything at once, but need a plan on how to get there.

I was thinking about getting another pair of 160s with the manual controller from Ikelite, but wanted to get some suggestions. I know a couple of diver mounted or well placed strobes will dramatically increase what I can do right now, but I see that approach maybe being more limited as I get into larger spaces and need to setup light in more than a couple of locations to get the coverage. Would a large diver carried video light be more beneficial? For those that are setting up lighting for their shots, is there much setup time once you get the hang of things or can you do this fairly efficiently? Do strobes/lights of different temperatures create problems or should I try and get the same temp strobes for everything?

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.