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In Topic: Socorro Island Closed by Mexican Military

29 March 2010 - 08:37 AM

A few days after making the preceding post, these of us who had been on the March 13th charter received $750 credit towards a future charter given the poor conditions we encountered. As the Nautilus Explorer cannot be held responsible for the condtions we encountered, I felt their gesture was very generous.

In Topic: Socorro Island Closed by Mexican Military

24 March 2010 - 02:02 AM

Socorro re-opened on 15 March. I believe the Nautilus Explorer, the boat I was on, was the first to return the next day. We also visited San Benedicto and spent one day at Roca Partida during this trip.

Visibility was poor on almost all sites and sightings limited. The best diving was at Roca Partida. One of the divers left his D700 & Sea&Sea housing in the bag all week.

One innovation on this trip was snorkelling with the humpbacks. Divemaster Stan spent some time in the Silver Banks looking at what operators there are doing. He had 6 passengers on a skiff for 2 hours searching for them. Following the 2007 accident, when a diver was apparently struck by a whale and suffered a broken leg, he was being cautious. However, almost all of us were able to snorkel with the whales. Again, visibility was quite poor.

In Topic: Sperm whales in Dominica

09 March 2010 - 02:11 PM

Eric & Tony

These are amazing pics. What are the permit requirement to interact with the whales in-water?


In Topic: Salt water crocodile attack at Blue Water Mangroves

07 June 2009 - 08:08 AM

I am 'the' David who grappled with the croc. I am recovering slowly. Hopefully, the dramatic scars on my arms won't fade completely. I am convinced that in my case they make me more handsome.

I want to thank Drew, Eric, Alex (Mustard) and the entire wetpixel community for your kind messages of support. In particular I want to express my appreciation to the Alex[es] (Safanov Sr & Jr), Fernando and Alfie who were with me on the Ondina and have been in touch.

I am in the process of writing about my experience and I would very much like to hear from any of you who have:

a) been diving in the Nampale Blue Water Mangroves since 13 April 2009.
b) seen a crocodile there at any time in the past.
c) been actively searching for a crocodile there at any point (whether you found it or not.)
d) had a diving encounter with a wild, untethered, saltwater crocodile anywhere, not just at the BWM.
e) been on the Ondina on my cruise.

Please drop me a personal message. I'd love to chat with you. Let me know how to reach you.

Once I have finished writing I will post a link here for these who wish to read it.

In Topic: Salt water crocodile attack at Blue Water Mangroves

21 April 2009 - 10:00 PM

I read with great interest Deb's post (7:13 am on 21 April) on this forum, as I was the diver who suffered the attack.

While I laud her decision not to take divers to the site in question and her warning to other operators about the risks involved, her report of the accident contains serious errors.

Currently, I am in a Singapore hospital facing a fourth operation tomorrow. My energies must now be devoted to recovering from my injuries. I respectfully ask for your patience until I can make a proper statement.