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In Topic: Salt water crocodile attack at Blue Water Mangroves

24 April 2009 - 08:04 AM

Hello Drew
You are very kind, thanks.
No, I didn,t go with David and his friend to Sorong. We talked by satellite phone next morning, but signal was really dirty and I just
could say if they don,t trust Sorong hospital, they sould go to biger city.
As you know, they are now in Singapoore. I keep contact with them and I know his recovery is quite good.

Just one more thing, please, because I desagree with second hand versions that I,ve read here about who helped David on the bottom in those first dramatic moments. Only his friend Jesús went down and fought with his hands against the animal. Dive master that was with them into the water, he never submerged again. I.m not censuring his behavior, of course, but in this case,
I think we just have a hero: Jesús.

Thank you and regards

Fernando B.

In Topic: Salt water crocodile attack at Blue Water Mangroves

22 April 2009 - 02:36 PM

I was on the Ondina trip also when the attack of the croc happened.
My name is Fernando Blanco, I.m doctor.
First I.d like to say hello Alex. I agree with you the most of you write here.
Is truth that diver attacked is a mature and serious diver and is sure he didn.t do anything wrong.
Ondina,s crew where helpfull in that situation.
But people must know that evacuation where very difficult and long.
Attack where at 4 or 5 p.m. 13th april but transfer to speed boat where at 3 a.m. next day. we must add
at least 3 more hours until to reach Sorong. This means more than 12 hours until he could be in the nearest
hospital in Sorong city ( poor hospital, I have to say ).
First speed boat they contact, said two hours after that they wanted triple amount of money. they where supposed on the route two hours ago, but when ondina called them again, they where still in Sorong.
They didn,t mind if somebody where injured or dead. They just wanted money.
That area is absolutelly remote, beautiful and solitary and is not the best place for dive with crocodiles
because of the difficult evacuation.
I.m against extermination of crocodiles there ( except maybe the agresor one )
but I advise against to dive there.

Regards from La Rioja, Spain

Fernando B.