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In Topic: Non-receipt of prizes from photo contest

05 April 2009 - 04:18 PM

Amazing, Dive Chronicles Has never accepted AMEX. In the Seven years that we been operating. You admit that you have not paid, but you demand a prize. You still have not called but you claim you did!. This is the last we will state. NO PRIZES ARE Award if you fail to pay for entry fee. Robin only complain on forum but still has never called. Very child like.

If you want to discuss it you can call us at 888-557-2822

B. Nolan

Brad, when I entered the contest last year, I DID call your office and I gave my Amex number. The gentleman on the other end of the phone readily accepted the number, and never was I made aware that there was any problem. Why would I go through the trouble of submitting entries and not furnish the reqired fee?
You sent me a pm last week and claimed that my card had been denied. First of all, I have excellent credit and my credit card purchases are never denied unless it's in error. Knowing that errors can sometimes occur, and if this is indeed the scenario that played out, it would have been nice to have received notification at the time so that I could have rectified the error.
In fairness, I've looked back at my Amex statements and I can't see where I was charged for the entry fee like I should have been.
This also leads me to wonder....why wasn't I disqualified? It was either yourself or a representative from Dive Chronicles who lead me to the booth at the FL Dive Show where the winning entries were displayed....

Posted Image

then congratulated me and told me that I'd be getting an email about my prize, 'next week'. I've received no emails from you, nor any replies to the multiple emails I've sent. I've also left one or two phone messages which have gone unanswered.

So ... you want to disqualify me after the fact because there was supposedly a problem with my entry fee and I wasn't made aware of it?
Do whatever you think is fair Brad, but I hope that all the others who didn't receive their prizes have at least heard something from you by now.
At the time I made this post, there were at least 4 other winners from the SFUPS who I'd been in contact with, and no one had received their prize nor any form of communication from you. Also, I found out there's someone from a past show of yours who has the same complaint:


What do you have to say about that Brad? I'm also curious to know why you feel as though prize winners have the responsibility of chasing you down for their prizes? Robyn

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In Topic: Non-receipt of prizes from photo contest

05 April 2009 - 09:49 AM

Amazing how people want prizes but refuse to pay the entree fee. Two sides to the story. But of course since I posted my phone number how many calls did we get NONE! Instead people making false claims. Acting in good faith is also paying the entree fee. We alway answer phone calls and emails,

Brad Nolan

It's really too bad that many of you folks are getting the shaft with respect to your prizes. You acted in good faith and entered your pics in a contest only to get the run around.

And then it takes people posting on forums like this, getting the negative word out, and having to talk about contacting the Attorney Generals Office before the prize people step up and start saying, "Problem.....what problem. I had no idea. We have had no complaints. Give us a call."

It's just too bad people like Dive Chronicals/Brad Nolan just don't man-up to start with and deliver what they promised without the hassle. Robyn............you can believe if you had never posted you would still be waiting and waiting and waiting.....................

In Topic: Non-receipt of prizes from photo contest

26 March 2009 - 05:00 AM

Is Dive Chronicles/Brad Nolan just ignoring all your calls/emails? Has anyone gone to any of their recent shows and tried to talk to him? How about trying to call Dive Chronicles pretending to want to advertise in their publication...just to get someone on the phone? Sad to have to do that, but perhaps the only way???

Wow mike, maybe you should call 88-557-2822 but there is no record of you calling???? Many people have received prizes. But No one has called with any complaints. The phone number has been 888-557-2822 and is functioning all the time 24/7