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10 Bar modification of Patima G10

14 December 2009 - 06:38 AM

About six months ago I invested in a Patima housing for my Canon G10 together with an Inon Z-240 strobe, a major step up after my Canon Ixus with on-board flash. I've taken a few thousand shots with it now and have actually managed to get one or two decent pictures!

Posted Image

The camera itself is a beauty and the housing is nothing if not solid, possibly you could say that one of the draw-backs of the housing is the weight. A general problem with the camera is the scroll-wheel on the back, it's used for a lot of menu settings but more importantly for pretty much all manual controls. I've seen several different solutions for scroll-wheels on underwater housings and I think the Patima is pretty sensible.

Posted Image

That is, when it's not used with the supplied strap! The camera is delivered with a soft strap that you slide your hand in to and grip the camera in firing position, with your index finger on the shutter-lever. Like I said earlier the housing is pretty heavy and your hand does get tired after a while, and there's an odd screw-pin-thing that digs quite heavily into your thumb. Also, with your hand in the strap it's pretty complicated to turn the control for the scroll-wheel! Fine-tuning manual focus and then get your finger back on the shutter is not something I found to be completely easy.

Posted Image

I also got the Patima tray and single handle and as a complete contrast to the housing itself it's quite flimsy and actually flexes from the weight of the housing when on land. Also I have to mention that the three supplied screws to attach the tray to the housing were too short and two of them came off during the first dive! So the whole handle situation has been something I haven't been completely happy with and something I've been keeping constant look-out for to solve.

At the moment I'm staying a few months in Hong Kong, the haven of attachments and modifications! I've been trawling through the multiple dive-shops in search for the perfect replacement handles and even had a plan to manufacture my own. It's also been my plan to visit the 10 Bar shop and earlier today I finally managed to get around to it. And my oh my, why didn't I go there before?! I guess it isn't quite right to call it a 'shop', it's very much a warehouse and definitely a wet-dream-come-true for any underwater photographer, they have shelves upon shelves of every piece of kit you could imagine.

We had a little chat and looked at a few different options and I accidentally spotted this tray and baseplate and figured if there was any chance of drilling a few holes that it would work quite well… Now, I can't claim to travel around the world with a power-drill and since I'd seen a very impressive-looking work-shop in the back I asked if there was any chance they could sort something out for me… Well, an hour and some pretty impressive modifications later I now present you with the ideal tray and handles for a Patima G10 housing! They even modified three screws to perfectly fit the newly modified base, no chance of these coming off.

Posted Image

As you can see it's now fired with the thumb instead of index finger, and if you don't happen to have ginormous thumbs you need to modify the shutter-lever, and look there, a slightly modified shutter-lever from some other housing perfectly attached! Another mega-win is that the scroll-wheel is now about 2cm away from your thumb when in firing position!

Posted Image

Altogether it came to around US$100 including work which I know is slightly more than the original Patima double tray but just trust me, this is quite a bit more sturdy. I can't thank the fantastic staff at 10 Bar enough, solved all my issues in one sweet move!

Click on any of the photos above to see a few more shots of the housing and modifications.

Soft areas with Inon UWL100

04 June 2009 - 02:54 AM

I recently got a Patima G10 housing and some wetlenses and I'm experiencing some rather harsh soft areas in the shots taken with the wide angle wetlens (UWL100). I'm aware that some softness is to be expected, but I definitely think it's much softer on the right side of the photos! The left side I'm more or less ok with, but the right side make them almost unacceptable and would require serious cropping, thus canceling out the need for the lens in the first place...

Take a look:
Posted Image

You can see some more shots in this set:

Am I overreacting? Is this what I should have expected from the start? Does anyone else have similar issues?

Thanks for reading,

Patima G10 WA port

01 May 2009 - 01:39 AM

  • Does the Patima G10 WA port have any threads?
  • What diameter is it?
  • Does it make things wider like the Fix WA port?
  • Can you add any wetlenses to it?!

Fisheye & Inon shopping in Asia?

26 April 2009 - 12:03 AM


I'm currently in the Philippines and want to buy a complete setup based on the G10, Fix housing & Inon strobe and wetlenses.

Where would you all suggest I should go to get my hands on all these bits? HK? Straight to Japan? Partly I want a good price, but also a good few days in a different country...

Currently I'm leaning towards HK; do you have any advice on which shop to go to?

Many thanks,

Fix G10 & Inon wetlenses

25 April 2009 - 11:59 PM

Hi all,

I've been searching and reading, searching and reading, but I still can't really figure out the answer to my dilemma;

Can I use both macro and WA wetlenses on the Fix G10 housing? I know there's a FIX G10 Inon AD Mount Adapter, which would suggest that there's at least a purpose for them, but the real question would be if WA works...

I'm also planning on getting the Fix 15mm WA port but would prefer to hot-swap them underwater...

Bonus question: What arm/tray-setup should I get for a single Z240 for the Fix G10?

Thank you for reading and for any answers,